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Dec 11, 2008

Survivor: Gabon - Episode ? Live Blog/Recap

Back (for a limited time) by popular demand (no less than two people!), the Survivor recap reappears. There are but two episodes left, tonight and Sunday's finale, so I figured I'd shake off the rest with a good ol' live blog. Contain your excitement...

(If you're wondering why there's a question mark in the title, it's exactly because I haven't been doing these and don't know what episode this is. I'd look it up, but I'm in fear of seeing what happened already. Stupid West Coast tape delay.)

7:00: Freshly back from tribal council, Kenny has already declared himself to be "the mastermind." Sorry, Ken, but there can be only one, and Christopher Lambert's already got that title.

7:03: Well, anyone who thought Bob might win the game is sooooorrrrrely mistaken. I'm afraid people with consciences don't win at this game, and by promising to give Kenny an immunity idol should he win/find one, he's showing his weakness. Honesty, intergrity - these may be traits that a Jedi would have, but you gotta have a little dark side in you to win at Survivor.

7:05: Possible bad news for Matty? The Reward Challenge is awfully physical; does this mean the Immunity Challenge will be more cerebral? Only The Shadow knows...

7:07: I can't believe what I just saw. At the end of a basketball-themed challenge where the contestants had to made three (difficult) baskets and where Crystal managed to not make a single one, Al Sharpton emerged from the bushes and angrily demanded her Black Card right there on the spot. Turns out it wasn't a race thing at all; he just needed her Amex card to pay for the flight down there. Weird.

7:16: Blah blah Kenny Bob Will He Give Up the Idol Or Not And If So When. Whatever. Meanwhile, Matty's pissed because he's all alone and Susie shows off her dummnezz by re-christening the "Sugar Shack" as the...uh, "Suzie Shack." Nice creativity there, tiger.

7:24: "I believe you now!" cries (literally) Sugar to Matty, after having watched Kenny and Crystal both play the Bitch Card to Matty. Much as I like Matty, you have to wonder what Sugar's seeing that we're not. Sure, K and C were deflecting, trying to make Matty look bad so they wouldn't look so bad for flipping on everyone last week, but the tears were a bit much.

7:28: An interesting Immunity Challenge, as the players are blindfolded, have to carry three bags of puzzle pieces to and fro, then re-assemble a mask that they only got to study with their hands previously. Tough. Hard to say who has the edge, but at least a decent chunk is physical.

7:30: Turns out Bob has the edge with that analytical mind, assembling a puzzle first, but turns out he didn't have it correctly. Meanwhile, Suzie Q is literally off the reservation, not even in the same pen that everyone else is. Can't she hear Jeff's voice and follow that???

7:32: Bob ends up winning. Kenny aka "The One" is all set to receive Bob's Immunity necklace. This could get interesting after all.

7:37: If ever there was a snake on this show, it's Kenny. In an attempt to get immunity, he's told Bob that "he's really nervous" and that he feels like he's gonna get voted off. Then, he tells everyone to tell Bob that they're voting for Ken so Bob gives Ken the idol, in which case Ken would vote off Bob. What a tangled web...

7:40: This is insane! I have no idea who to trust. It would seem that Matty, Sugar, Bob and Suzie would make the most logical alliance, but everyone is so skeptical that no one believes anything that anyone is saying. The only things we know about everyone are this:

* Kenny may not be a mastermind, but he is a sneaky f*ck
* Matty is genuine and a physical threat but not the best strategic player
* Crystal is Kenny's bouncer, intimidating others but not really doing much otherwise
* Suzie is altogether useless
* Sugar is a sharp strategic player and an average physical player, but in the end will be too nice to win, and
* Bob is book smarter than any of the fools out there, and just might be smarter in all facets, too.

7:45: Booyah! Bob wisely keeps his Immunity Necklace. Sorry Kenny, or more likely Crystal, but I think it's time to show you the door.

7:48: Survey says...sweet!!!!! Sugar GIVES Matty her hidden immunity idol. When's the last time that happened?!?!?

7:50: Okay, where was I? Survey says...Matty...Matty...Crystal...Crystal...13th person out = Crystal. McDonalds...I'm Lovin' It! I feel kinda bad for her, but that feeling quickly subsides when I see the sour puss on Kenny. How's it feel, "Mastermind?" Wait, I think I found a pic that sums up what might be his current emotional state, and in a language he'll surely understand:

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Nick said...

And then when Sugar just came out with her AK-47 and just straight-up shot Kenny like a G... it was like... word, homie.

Oh wait, I forgot you're behind in the showing. And that you're white.

Wait, so am I.

*gets pimp-slapped by Al Sharpton and has his black-card taken away, which he did not steal!*

*gets beaten down by others for doing an overly racial stereotype joke... without actually knowing he was going for the Al Sharpton tie-in at the end when he started it.*

Mrs. Fletch said...

I love Bob, he's just sooo damned nice. In a genuine way.

Everyone needs a Bob... maybe Uncle Bob, or neighbor Bob, or co-worker Bob.

I want a Bob.

Nick said...

Careful, Mrs. Fletch. You could easily walk into an unnecessary joke there :P .

But yeah, Bob is cool. Though I'm rooting for Sugar. I used to be a hardcore Kenny fan, but I think Sugar deserves it the most.

In my line of favorites for the win, it'd probably be the following:

1) Sugar
2) Matty
3) Bob
4) Kenny
5) Suzie

And I know you (Fletch) keep making the argument that these people just seem to be too nice to win this game... but look at who's left. It's almost nothing but nice people. Well, Kenny started off nice, then turned to the dark side.

There's no way Suzie's going to win, because everybody hates her and she doesn't do anything.

Kenny would probably have votes from Corinne and Crystal in the end, but that's probably it.

Bob wouldn't get a vote from Randy, because he made that fake idol and used it on him.

Matty I know has Randy's vote, because he's the only person left that Randy actually liked.

Sugar hasn't pissed off anybody except Corinne, who is basically a female counter-part to Randy and hates the world anyway.

So I'm calling, at least for right now, the top 3 includes Sugar and Matty, and that it'll probably be an almost tie and go to Sugar for the win.

Mrs Fletch said...

@ Nick - Yeah I know it sounded a tad wrong. It would have helped if his name was Steve or something.

I'm really happy that the nice people are in the lead. I'd be thrilled for Bob, Sugar or Matty to win. (Matty's got a pug to feed, ya know?) Suzie is just useless, unless there's a lot of her footage on the cutting room floor? Kind of doubt that though.

steel11kane said...

Praise to the Survivor Blog. I knew we could get you back to the good side.

Tribal was again priceless, as Sugar didn't have to give Matty the necklace because they had a 4-2 vote anyway - but did it out of spite.

Although I am rooting for Sugar to win it this year - those two tribal councils where she basically showed up Crystal, Kenny and Randy could certainly hurt her. Although, last night it appeared most of the jury was loving the turn of events.

Welcome back to the good side, Fletch. It's a welcomed sight.