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Oct 30, 2008

The Survivor blog is dead! Long live the Survivor blog!

Just an official note that I'm discontinuing the Survivor recaps, though with my spotty record thus far season (two eps out of five not written about), this note may seem late.

With TGITDNMAR on Fridays and the desire to have a fresh non-Survivor post up on Thursdays, I find myself struggling to get it done either while watching or in the short time between watching and going to bed, and I'm finding that my heart's just not in it.

As it's one of the few shows that I watch religiously, there's a more than decent chance that I'll still bring it up regularly (I always have some random thoughts on it), but the weekly commitment is something that I just can't, well, commit to.

If you're looking for a recap or just some fun insights into the show, I recommend you head over to Robb's site as he is still doing what he does, and I'll be there for sure every week (I think Kano writes about it sometimes, too, but he's recently changed his site to be almost entirely movie-centric, so I'm not sure). Also, Survivor.com, linked below, aggregates a bunch of recaps (mine used to be one of them), so that's another good resource.

Survivor news at Survivor.com
Survivor homepage at CBS.com

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steel11kane said...

That's too bad - I enjoyed your writeups. I am a week behind in the show right now due to my trip to Florida, but I hope to be caught up this weekend.

My site is changed, but I have only moved my family interactions to a separate blog. The original blog is still movies/tv/sports/video games, etc.

If I have anything that gets my juices flowing, I am sure I will jot it down. Thanks for the shout out though.

Robb said...

Wimp! Actually I totes understand, while I still think Survivor is the best thing on television, there is just no way the year of the "Sugar Shack" can compare to "Do you think he would give you the idol?", which I fear may prove to be the height of the series. (Of course, that is what I thought about the season before that - "I hurt my head" "I don't care" "I know" - so hopefully Probst will prove me wrong again. And again. And...)

But still, sad for me. The next best thing about watching Survivor is talking about Survivor.

Nick said...

Yeah, this is sad. I always looked forward to your recaps almost as much as each new season. It was actually your recaps that got me hooked on Blog Cabins to begin with.

Fletch said...

Kane, Robb - Thanks for the kind words. I wonder if you'd have given them without the shout-outs. ;)

Kidding. As I said, it's not as though Survivor will go away; think of this post as a permanent written note from my parents to my teachers letting them know that I'll only be turning in homework sporadically.

Nick - yea, you'd said that before. Hopefully, you won't stop coming here. :D

Here are some quick thoughts from last night's show....

* I'm pretty sure Robb will disagree with me on this one, but I was pissed that Sugar got immunity. I would have loved to see her get voted off. Yeah yeah, she made a strategic move in the end and stabbed Ace in the back, but I just can't get behind people that barely function in challenges.

* I'm sad and pissed that Matty will likely be next, or at least would be if the tribes weren't merging next week, as they obviously are from the preview of dipshit Randy drinking wine and proclaiming himself king.

* I was finally able to complete the math of who Matty reminded me of last week: I already labeled him as reminiscent of Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading, but the actor he really reminds me of is Paul Walker. Which is odd, because I pretty much can't stand Walker, yet Matty's probably my favorite this season.

* Someone at the winner's camp labeled Bob...annoying? Really? I'm perplexed. He seems like a great guy, and is 2nd in my rooting interest.

Nick said...

Yeah... I really like Matty, too... but he reminds me more of... I can't think of his name, but he's an actor. I think I'm thinking of Timothy Olyphant, but I could be mistaken. But I think he does have a little Olyphant look to him.

Every time they show Marcus, I'm like "Who the heck is that guy?"

I, too, was perplexed that they said Bob was annoying. I think he's pretty cool, myself. I'm also a fan of Kenny.

What perplexes me even more than that, though, is how whatsername is still around. The black Olympian woman. She sucks at challenges, and clearly her entrance into the Olympics, not to mention her actually winning anything, especially in Track and Field, was in response to some clerical error...

And no, I won't stop coming here :P . I'll haunt you forever!

Robb said...

I think Sugar is adorable, but I'm hardly rooting for her. I'm pretty sure that the only reason she made the big move she made was because she was feeling all powerful as the owner of two idols and wanted to make a move, and voting for Ace was the only "big" choice she had.

I like Matty, but I'll never like a loser like I liked Stephanie. He is just getting sad now, which isn't flattering. He has heart, and is clearly a nice guy, and I'd be thrilled if he did well, but he needs to start playing smart if he really wants my vote.

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