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Sep 22, 2008

Fletch's (Mini) Film Review: Tell No One

For me, you, and everyone else, but mostly for my friend Chris, who sent me an email this morning titled "For the love of God - CageFestaPaLoozA must die" and followed that up with "Why not film reviews of the William Shatner oeuvre next week? Good Christ. I can’t stand Cage," I offer you a brief respite from Cagefest. Here's a mini review of a flick I saw two or three weeks ago. Cagefest will wrap up later this week.

Alex Beck (François Cluzet) is a happily married man on vacation in rural France with his wife, sister and some friends. After an evening filled with frolicking in the woods and making another mark on a tree they've marked since their romance began in childhood, Alex and Margot (Marie-Josée Croze) embark on some skinnydipping in a nearby pond. Later, Margot goes to check on their dog when Alex hears some strange noises followed by a shriek. He chases after her, only to be knocked out by an unseen attacker.

Eight years later. Margot is dead, but a series of events lead to Alex receiving a bizarre email from an unknown sender. Eventually, he sees a grainy, ghostly video of what appears to be Margot sending out a message for help. Is this White Noise? No, it's a highly acclaimed French thriller directed by Guillaume Canet.

Cluzet, who looks like the love child of Dustin Hoffman and Simon Cowell, gives a terrific performance as the unraveling Alex - still suspected of wrongdoing all those years ago. On the run from les gendarmes, unknowing of who he can trust, Alex is a man without a country fighting a ticking clock that he can't hear.

Canet does a solid job setting up the film's premise, and Tell No One features two of the best scenes I've seen this year (one an extended chase on foot, the other a relevatory moment for Alex set to U2's "With or Without You"). But a neverending Scooby Doo third act, along with a 125-minute run time eventually do him in. No stone is left unturned, no plot point left open for debate. Damn meddling kids...

Fletch's Film Rating:

"You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you."

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Anonymous said...

awful work, stop reviewing gay indie films, ive got a fever and the only prescription is more Cagefest. I don't know who this lame friend Chris is (frankly he sounds made up), but everyone else is hoping you extend Cagefest indefinitely, or just change the site to a Nic Cage fansite.


Daniel G. said...

Wow, for what horrible kind of fever would Cagefest be the cure?!

I'd heard the Dustin Hoffman comparisons ad nauseum to this point, but you're the first to throw Cowell in there - nice!

Fletch said...

Gay - look around at the theater. It ain't exactly blockbuster season. Look forward to many more "gay indie flick" reviews.

And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about your contribution to Cagefest...shit, I'll be going up against you.

Daniel, that was Mrs. Fletch that mentioned that. Credit to her.

Daniel G. said...

Mrs. F gets a prize for originality in a world severely lacking it.

By the way, I didn't mean to dis Cagefest just then. That was more of an underhanded dig at Cage himself...

Farzan said...

Good review Fletch, keep em coming

The Movie Whore said...

Sweet review. I am going to have to look this one up.

I would rather read reviews of indie flicks I have not yet heard of then the same reviews of Hollywood crap that every one else is doing. Keep it. up.

Fletch said...

Gracias, all. Movie Whore, stick around here for a short time and you'll quickly learn to take everything Gay says with about 14 grains of salt and a shot of tequila...which is just what I like about him.

Anonymous said...



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