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Sep 22, 2008

The CAGEFEST definition of (mild) success

Click image to see full-size. I rule - that's without quotes, bitch. Cage, I hope you're reading these.

Other search results:

"Nic Cage" - 5th page
Nic Cage blog - 1st page, 4th overall
"Nic Cage" blog - 1st page, 2nd overall
Cagefest - 1st page, 3rd overall
Bang Dang - 1st page, 4th overall
"Bang Dang" - 1st page, 1st overall!

Googlers looking for Cage info don't know what they're in for...

2 people have chosen wisely: on "The CAGEFEST definition of (mild) success"

Big Mike Mendez said...

Nic Cage has no idea what he's in for...

Good on ya!

Anil Usumezbas said...

Haha! *evil smirk*


I would've loved to join in the whole thing but I have realized that my background on Nic Cage films was pretty thin (which, maybe, makes me a happier person than all of you guys?)