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Aug 25, 2008

Poll results; new polls

Where the hell were you, Gary Oldman Fan Club? What about you, Ralph Fiennes Message Board?

You two groups, along with any other fan site not including Vincent D'Onofrio's, really sh*t the bed this time out, with Private Pyle's devoted fans leaving this poll a rout. In other news, it sucks to be Tim Curry, the only participant with nary a vote cast in his honor. Never forget Home Alone 2, my friends...never forget.

This time around, I give you not one but two meta polls. Tell me - what are you favorite and least favorite features here. Of course, I haven't given you the options for "I love them all!" or "I hate them all!," as I'm just assuming that everyone is thinking the former and wouldn't dare utter the latter.

One choice not in the polls...The Great Movie Poster Piece Contest. What are you waiting for? Don't tell me I made it so hard that you're afraid of it...you wouldn't want me to have to break out the GOB Chicken Dance clip again, would you?

3 people have chosen wisely: on "Poll results; new polls"

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

I can't believe my man Daniel Day-Lewis didn't get more votes. :(

Nic Cage said...

I like Vincent, but Oldman should have owned this poll.

I still love Sean though...for the record.

Fletch said...

DDL rules, but he was definitely hamstrung by only having two villain roles on his resume.

I too was all for Oldman.