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Aug 4, 2008

FF-UN HOF Voting Results

51 votes were cast for the Familiar Face-Unknown Name Hall of Fame voting. Taking a page from the Major League Baseball HOF voting template, the rules were as follows: a potential member must receive 75% of the votes to be inducted. Candidates that receive fewer than 5% of the votes will be removed from future ballots.

It was close there for awhile, but in the end, just one made the cut, and none came in below the threshold. As such, the remaining nine will be on the next ballot (coming around September), along with the next eligible member (Steven Tobolowsky, perhaps?) In the meantime, please give a big hand to the inaugural member of the FF-UN HOF, Mr. Steve Buscemi.

6 people have chosen wisely: on "FF-UN HOF Voting Results"

Daniel G. said...

Just gotta say, that's an awesome poll widget.

Fox said...

I am satisfied with the first inductee going to Buscemi... but for anyone who didn't vote for Clint Howard, you need to chiggedy check yo'selves!!!

Fletch said...

Daniel - you could say more. ;)

Fox - yea, me too. I'm a bit shocked that neither Macy nor Turturro made the cut - I would think either would be right up there with Buscemi. Howard's probably eclipsed his usability, I'm afraid, but the guy did win a special MTV Movie Award (only slightly ironically winkwink) for his contribution to film. I don't think anyone else can say that!

Can't wait for the next round.

Caitlin said...

I will FOREVER love Steve Buscemi for his cameo in Billy Madison. The "people to kill list" with the lipstick? Amazing.

Nic Cage said...

Great Inductee!

Garland 'The Marietta Mangler' Greene...best role yet. I feel that my presence had something to do with that, thank you very much.

THN said...

Great post and feature. Love that you recognized his greatness in ConAir. Genius.

BTW, I agree on his cameo in Billy Madison. That was outstanding.