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May 8, 2008

Survivor:Micronesia Episode 13 recap

If I didn't know better, I would have thought that the leaves were dropping and fall was all around us. That some Harry Potter or James Bond flick was about to hit theaters. That across America, turkeys were being placed into ovens en masse. That's right - if I didn't know better, I would have thought that it was Thanksgiving; after all, that's the feeling that episode 13 of Survivor: Micronesia gave me.

Say what you will about which contestants are remaining (I certainly have), but it is hard to dispute the fact that this has been one of the, if not the most, entertaining seasons in the long history of the show. So much has happened, from bamboozlements to quittings to injuries, we viewers have been treated to something jarring to our senses and emotions seemingly every week. This episode might have taken the cake. Here's a trip through the emotional ride I took while watching.

Glee - Upon watching the recap from last week, and from seeing the five remaining players return from the last Tribal Council, where Amanda had so beautifully and slyly played her Hidden Immunity Idol.

Ambivalence - As the players walked up to the Reward Challenge, which appeared to be yet another boring quiz, perhaps of how much they know about Micronesian culture.

Surprise - When we learned that the quiz was actually about past Survivor seasons; a nice trip down memory lane (and not so nice for some players like Michael Skupin).

Shock - At seeing Erik send Parvati to Exile Island and taking Amanda along for his reward.

Unbridled Glee - Watching Natalie's face as Erik made those choices, all but sealing Monkey Girl's fate.

(Damn near) Ecstasy - Hearing Natalie bitch and moan to Cirie that she was neither chosen to go to Exile or on the reward.

Yawn (ok, so that's not an emotion) - Trudging through another "Wow, this is nice" reward with Amanda and Erik. Luckily, this was short.

Annoyance - Listening to Natalie talk about how she was going to "bitch slap" Erik "like his momma," in regards to the above-mentioned actions.

Worry - In regards to the Immunity Challenge that Erik all but needed to win to secure his place in the Final Four, as the widows had learned of his duplicity.

Sheer Joy - At seeing Erik pull through and win Immunity.

Amusement - Hearing the ladies' plan to rid Erik of his Immunity necklace, which consisted of Natalie talking him into giving it to her, using his insecurities about the jury and his potential for winning as bait. As if anyone would be dumb enough to do such a thing.

Terror - When Erik was actually considering Natalie's plan.

More Terror - When Erik was seemingly convinced of the ploy even more by Cirie.


!!!!!! - !!!!!

Sorrow - Upon thinking of how sad it will be for Erik, the self-proclaimed "Ice Cream Man," to return home, only to hear how stupid and naive he is for the next 10 years.

Amazement - That that scenario really just happened. I sincerely can't recall the last time a player gave up Immunity (not an HII). I can't decide if I feel sorry for Erik or believe he got his just desserts. Had anyone come up to me with that plan, I would have told them they were high and that I'd take my chances with the jury. Yet there he was, honest, trusting and simple as can be, really thinking that he was going to garner "goodwill" from the jury and further his place in the game. Really, what did he have to worry about? Ok, so he lied to the girls - isn't that the point of the game? And besides, he had won multiple immunity challenges in a row - does that count for nothing?

What a game.

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Nick said...

Seriously... I simultaneously felt really bad for Erik and felt that he deserved to go after actually falling for that trick.

I mean, it's such a hair-brained (no pun intended) stunt that it makes me wonder if the producers rigged it and forced Erik to do it.

Nick said...

Oh, and you gotta love...


Fletch said...

Despite his faux pas last season, I never thought of James as being that. Even if some did, didn't both Ozzy AND Jason take that award prior to Erik's claiming it last night? Even the girls last night were talking about how dumb Erik and Jason were.

Still, James did crack me up. He couldn't stop laughing watching it unfold. I also enjoyed Ozzy's head shake.

Nick said...

Yeah... I think Ozzy took it after James due to James even WARNING him to play it, not to mention Ozzy's name having been written down at the past 5 or so tribals, and he still didn't play it. And then Jason took it afterwards for falling for it right after Ozzy.

And now Erik. What would have been purely and truly amazing would have been if Erik had found the hidden idol in some miraculous situation... given the immunity necklace away... and then played the hidden one the fuck everybody over. THAT would have been the icing on the blindside cake this season.

juegos said...

It looks like models only or movie actors or actrices wannabes to me :-)
It has some good looking hot chicks there.

Robb said...

Without a doubt this has been one of the most exciting seasons of Survivor ever. I can just see Probst giggling his way back to his luxury suite after every tribal. Erik has really been growing on me, and I think he would have really had a shot had he made it to the end, but anyone that clueless deserves to have their fire snuffed out. Cirie is the mastermind. But if Amanda learned anything from her loss last season, she'll be better prepared to argue her game. Can't wait for the finale!!