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May 1, 2008

Survivor:Micronesia Episode 12 recap

That's right, it's time for the crutch of the lazy blogger - the live blog. With just seven contestants left, we're bound to be in for a drama-filled episode. Let's get right to it.

7:01: I think James would sooner get his finger cut off than leave the game due to a "clam cut." In that case, they can stop showing us scenes from the medical camp as soon as possible. He ain't going anywhere.

7:05: In the meantime, we're treated to Alexis whining about her skinned knee. Really, I barely saw blood. Of course, Cirie, being the consummate bitch and competitor, says what the rest of us are thinking about the prospect of James and Alexis possibly leaving the game due to injury: "That's two more down and me closer to the end." (Or something like that.)

7:07: Family time! The reward will consist of the player's being asked questions about each other. Get it right and knock one person closer to elimination - last player standing wins. Erik brings us the geekiness we all saw coming ("There's Jeff!! He's right there!"). James' father, to no surprise, looks like he's just old enough to be his older brother. Black people are so lucky - they never age.

7:13: "Wait until we get back home - we're gonna talk about her," says James' father after James is knocked out of the challenge by Alexis. Nice to see the same sense of humor.

7:15: Damn it all, Alexis wins the challenge and, to no one's surprise, takes Natalie and Cirie on the reward with her. Shockingly, though, she sends Amanda to Exile Island for a chance at the Hidden Immunity Idol, rather than Parvati. Let's hope this leads to Amanda finding it and James taking the Immunity Challenge.

7:18: Uh-oh, the medics are back to look at James' finger. To be honest, it looks gnarly. Even worse, Jeff just showed up.

7:20: You've got to be sh*tting me. Just like that, the medic tells James he has to leave the game. This is very quickly turning into the worst season ever. Surprisingly, James seems to be taking it waaaaaay too well, not even seeming upset, just a bit defeated.

7:22: Time for another Hidden Immunity Idol Scavenger Hunt! I want Amanda to find it, but if she's out there one time and finds it without much trouble, they really need to scrap this "twist" on the game.

7:23: Ugh. the last "clue" just told her flat out where the Idol is hidden ("back at camp under her tribe's flag"). Are these third-graders out here?

7:25: I don't know how to say this, but the nightvision camera is, uh, not so flattering to Cirie. There's some bad shapes being highlighted all over the place.

7:27: Watch out, Parvati - she's ticking off both Alexis and Natalie, the all-of-the-sudden power forces in the game. How did this happen again? At least now we know why they were invisible for the first half of the season.

7:31: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'm rooting for Erik to win the game.

7:33: Ok, having a rifle involved for the Immunity Challenge is kind of cool and all, but what exactly is the challenge in this challenge? Use the sight, locate your bottle, and fire. I guess the producers thought James would still be around and were racking their brains for more ways to eliminate the advantage his strength gave him. Weak.

7:35: Erik, looking like (the son of? Rambo, complete with a bandanna around his long blond mane, strikes his second bottle to take the lead. Monkey Girl connects for her second as well. If Erik hits his third right here, he wins.

7:36: "Yes!" we all scream from our couch. Erik wins immunity, pissing off every woman left - oh wait, they're all women left. Perhaps Amanda will "find" the oh-so-hidden idol, forcing one of the black widows out of the game.

7:40: Amanda does the smartest thing she's done in two seasons on the show - once back from the challenge, she immediately tells everyone that she does not have the idol (true), but she also tells a yarn about not getting the last clue. Brilliant. Then again, not one minute later, she's blabbing to Parvati the truth about the idol. Parvati, the same girl who screwed her over not a few episodes ago. Okay, maybe Amanda's not so smart.

7:44: Erik displays refreshing honesty, straight up telling Amanda that he's going to vote for her, in what is an honest conversation between the two about their strategies. Meanwhile, Cirie flatly lies about "being sad to see Amanda go." Uh-huh. Amanda, you must find the idol.

7:46: The producers finally pulled a fast one on us - they actually didn't show us whether or not Amanda found the idol. Actually drama and suspense. First of all, she better have it, and second, she better play it. As much as I pray that Natalie would head home, seeing Cirie or Alexis would work as well.

7:48: Poor James - limping his way into the jury box hooked up to an IV. I'm sad.

7:50: Either Amanda is a great actress (not likely) or she really hasn't found the idol. She looks, as usual, like she's about to cry. I've seen starving Ethiopian children being hungrily watched by Sally Struthers that look happier. Lighten up, girl!

7:52: The moment of truth. Survey says...Amanda HAS and PLAYS the idol! Natalie looks appropriately shocked. Brilliant!

7:53: To no one's surprise, Amanda is the only person smiling. All votes for Amanda, except two for Alexis. Three weeks of dreadful strategy and idiocy finally pay off for us and Amanda. I can't wait to see the reaction from Monkey Girl and Cirie next week.

7:57: Next week on...Survivor! Erik is at the center of all the ladies attention, as the twosomes of Cirie/Monkey Girl and Amanda/Parvati battle for a third vote. Stay tuned to Survivor and, of course, Blog Cabins...

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Nick said...

As I've said all along, Erik is cool :P . Erik was really the only 'fan' I rooted for at all since the beginning, and he's the last man standing (and nearly last fan). I so hope Erik wins.

But I have to say, Erik must win immunity next week, too... because I can't see the girls trying to get on his good side otherwise (especially Amanda, after her little crybaby fit on him). I'm still surprised that contestants get surprised or upset that people actually backstab each other in this game (especially people who have already been through it once before).

Robb said...

I don't think Amanda was *really* upset with Erik, I think that was a great strategy to both throw him off her trail as well as make him look bad in front of the jury.

Assuming Erik does win immunity next week, that will be a tough choice for him. I think he can beat Cirie easier than Amanda (I still think Cirie has played a very good game, but her big moves were weeks ago and were mostly understated), but I also think he needs Natalie on the jury to do it.

And Fletch - both Ozzy and Jason found the Idol in one visit. What are you saying, that if a girl can find it too then it is too easy? :)

Also, I think James wasn't too upset about going, because he knew if he stayed he would have been voted off tonight anyway. It still sucks, but it wasn't as bad for him as it was for Penner, who still had plenty of game to play.

Fletch said...

I think if it were up to Erik next week, he would get rid of either Parv or Cirie, though who knows, he might be pissed at Amanda now.

Robb, when Ozzy found the idol, I think we all thought "Well, he swims like nobody's business and can run circle's around everyone else." Then when Jason did it last week, I got pissed and in fact wrote a paragraph about it. Now it's just ridiculous. In a way I'm glad, because without it (in any of the weeks) there would be less drama, but they really need to rename it or something.

As for James, there was still an immunity challenge to be played, and as I recall, he's a big strong guy that's more than capable of running off a string of victories. Never say die!

And yes, Nick, I'm kinda sorta rooting for Erik. But he'll never, ever, ever, ever, ever be cool.

Nick said...

Erik is cool in the same way that I'm cool :P .

(which is pretty sad, really).

Robb said...

Point taken Fletch, although to be fair, in seasons past they just gave one clue at a time. This time they can get all the clues at once as long as they do the work to find them. I don't think the other Idols have been any harder to find, as long as you had enough clues. It just depended on how late you got sent to Exile. This time, at least, anyone who gets sent has a shot, rather than just the person who was finally given a clue that made sense.

And Erik may be a dork, but he is a highly likable dork. All he needs in one strong outwit moment and I'm all his.

Robb said...
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DCMovieGirl said...

Oh, we age.

We just do it differently. We either get fatter or sag (see Oprah and Whoopi). No wrinkles, though.

How Iman has avoided these perils?? One can only surmise that Bowie is in fact, the devil in disguise...Which explains the sick amount of talent and those dagger eyebrows of his.