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Apr 3, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites) Episode 8 recap

Survivor is finally back, and with it comes the Survivor Live Blog. You've been waiting two long weeks, haven't you?

7:00: "Eleven are left." I'm glad they told me, as I had totally forgotten. We're starting off with a scared Baskin Robbins Boy, worried about being the lone Fan left at his camp. Awww. Ozzy, meanwhile, is playing the "I'm not the leader card," never a good sign.

7:03: First Amanda catches a huge shark a few weeks ago, now Ami kills a large crab? Perhaps Ozzy's place in the tribe isn't all that necessary. Of course, their tribe wouldn't win a challenge without him, so he's got that going for him.

7:05: Meanwhile, over at Airai, the Anonymous Fangirls are being allowed to speak for what seems like the first time in weeks, if not ever. The tribe is busy...wait for it...hunting a rat. Maybe Kathy left at the right time after all.

7:06: A few choice James snippets, who's becoming the funniest contestant I can recall:

Speaking about the ocean by the Airai beach: "Jacques Cousteau would be like 'Damn!'"
On the difference between Airai's and Malakal's island: "You could live on Malakal Island. This one is like...where they bring the criminals."

7:13: It's quite early for the Immunity Challenge already (and no Reward Challenge). Looks like the producers have something up their sleeves...

7:15: Each tribe got to select one person from the other tribe to not participate in the challenge, and as a bonus, those people will be immune from Tribal Council should they lose. Ozzy and Alexis are the lucky ones chosen.

7:26: A solid, physical obstacle course of a challenge is won by Airai, which means...Ozzy has immunity, and Erik, who took a hard shot to his chest during the challenge, is mostly heading home. Then again, there's more than a half hour remaining in the show, so anything could happen.

7:29: "He looks like a wide-eyed guppy" - Mrs. Fletch about Erik. Hehe.

7:31: Oy...Jason is not only full of himself following the challenge ("I think I was the MVP today..."), but also delusional, much to our potential delight, as he believes he has the hidden immunity idol Hehe again.

7:32: This should be great. Ozzy is stuck on Exile Island with Alexis, and he has to pretend to search for the hidden idol that he already has. This episode gets better by the minute. No sooner did I type that than...cut to them finding the spot where the idol should be, only to find nothing. So Ozzy gets to enjoy the episode too, as he learns that someone took his bait idol.

7:35: Ugh...Erik's trying to scheme his way back into the game. I'm so sick of the Dreyer's Dork. Move back to the 70s already! On the bright side, we haven't had to watch any of his fawning over Ozzy so far.

7:36: Even his swim trunks are from the 70s - they go mid-thigh on him! I feel like I'm watching The Brady Bunch, and Peter has accidentally made friends with the school nerd, only now the nerd won't leave him alone. He never stops talking...

7:38: New Gatorade Tiger. "It's in Tiger Woods. Don't you want it in you?" Uh, no. That's creepy.

7:43: Ami's awesome. Having caught Erik trying to sway Cirie and Amanda, she has a kind of awkward talk with the ladies, attempting to put her mind at ease. It kind of works, but the topper is when she next sees Erik, she walks right up to him and tells him "Thank you. I feel a lot closer to them (the ladies) now." In your face, Erik. What a glorious bitch.

7:45: Predictably, Erik "heels" to his master's call immediately upon Ozzy's return to camp.
Erik: "Ozzy, Ami's trying to get you off! Help me!"
Ozzy: "Sit. Stay. Lay down. Good boy. Now go get Daddy some ice cream."

7:48: Hmm. This Tribal Council is awkward. More like group therapy, what with Ami crying a river and needing positive reinforcement after Ozzy calls her loyalty into question. Please be Erik, please be Erik.

7:52: Sorry, I've barely been paying attention. Jeff is auditioning for In Treatment or something, and Ami has run out of tears. Now I don't care who goes, just so long as it's over quickly.

7:54: No dice playing the crying game, as Ami is ousted. Though that's not exactly who I wanted to see go, I sure feel better, what with all that time on the couch. Join us next week for Psych 102.

Survivor: Micronesia homepage at CBS.com

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Nick said...

I guess we really are at a disagreement about Erik. Sure, he's a dork, and he can be annoying at times... but I have a thing for rooting for underdogs. Not to mention Ami lost any respect I had for her to begin with (not much) when she acted a total bitch to Erik in that bit you quoted. And Erik gained respect for totally playing every card he had and still staying in the game. It's rare to see a flailer actually stay in the game (because, no matter how hard they scramble, they always end up going home anyway). But it doesn't matter anyway... the only ones I care about are Ozzy and James... and the random hot fan-girl who spoke for the first time ever tonight, but purely for superficial reasons :P .

And I still love James. His Jacques Cousteau quote was hilarious. And they're merging next week! That means there's a huge possibility that Ozzy or James is going to the end!

jacey said...

i'm just gonna say how hilarious i found the interchange between eliza and jason on the scenes from next week...i could just feel her frustration with him. i hope she lets him remain delusional and play it at some point.

Robb said...

I find Ozzy quickly losing his appeal. But there is no way he and James are both making it to the end. And the only way one of them will make it is by winning every challenge until then. But you are right, James is very much appreciated for his quips, I hope his humor continues. lol

Most of the interesting players are gone - Jonathan, Tracy, now Ami. Cirie is the only outwit player left so far, although it seems Parvati has something up her sleeve. Here's hoping.

Nick said...

robb: I usually love the outwit players of the game, but Tracy, Ami, and Cirie annoy/annoyed the shit out of me. Jonathan was cool, though (at least this time through. He was annoying in his original season).

Robb said...

One thing that is kind of interesting, is that in her season Ami was the leader, until she got paranoid and started voting off her own tribe members, who then turned on her, letting the sole remaining player from the other tribe (the lame-ass Brian) win in the end. Sort of seems Ozzy is following in her footsteps.

I just feel like, out of all the people left this season, Cirie and Ozzy are the only two who actually, you know, do anything. Everyone else is just sort of...there. Someone needs to step it up soon.

Fletch said...

@ Nick - At least we're on the same page when it comes to Ozzy/James. I just can't stand that Erik, and I like Ami, so yeah, I was more than willing to watch her be a c*nt to him. What can I say? That said, I do have to give it up to him for surviving those odds. It's true - most in that situation don't make it out.

@ Jacey - I couldn't agree more. I'm no fan of Eliza, but her exploiting Jason's stupidity looks hilarious.

@ Robb - I'm kind of with you on Ozzy, but from who's left, he's still my second favorite. He was being a bit bitchy.

After all Cirie has done this season (chief of which was being behind Yau's ouster), there's no way I'll be rooting for her. But it's true, it doesn't seem like many are playing all that much, though you never know, that could just be the editing.