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Mar 13, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites) Episode 6 recap

That's right, it's time for another Survivor live blog. Can you feel the excitement? Let's get down to it:

7:00: Hmmm...what happened last week? That's right - Joel got voted off! I'm heartbroken.

7:01: Häagen Dazs Dork reminisces the ousting of Joel, utterly shocked (shocked!) that the Favorites would lie and strategize in getting a "strong" player like Joel out of the game. Um, "Outwit" is the first word listed on the logo, son - I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough.

7:05: Sweet - Tracy is at it already, telling the Baskin Robbins Boy that they're coming after him next. From the looks of it, he falls for it. Next on Tracy's list? Prance around in her bikini (with some apparently nippy weather) in front of Ami - wise choice.

7:07: Our first Jonathan update. James fears Jonathan's leaving would strand him with a "bunch of girls. I'd be losing my mind."

7:09: Eliza's eyes literally pop out of her skull. Oh wait, sorry - they're normally that way. My bad.

7:10: Challenge time. The reward? People! Hooray for slave trading! (Okay, that was harsh.)

7:11: The challenge consists of swimming a bunch (whaddaya know, Ozzy makes it to the destination first?) of people out to get some planks, bringing them back to shore, creating some structure, then destroying the other team's structure. Lots of knots and wedging to prevent the other team from accomplishing the tear down. Interesting, I suppose.

7:13: Unfortunately, I have no idea who's on what team, so I don't really know who is winning. I'm going to wager a guess and say that James' team wins.

7:15: I rock. Apparently, that tribe is Airai.

7:16: Chet and the hippie-looking guy (Jason?) are off to Exile Island. Meanwhile, Jeff informs Jonathan that the medical team is going to take a look at his knee. This is not good.

7:17: And just like that - he's gone. Lame. Here's hoping he ends up alright. The game is losing a good player and a great personality. On the other hand, everyone is crying, including Kooky Kathy, who barely knows him. The man hasn't died yet - this might be a bit strong of a reaction. I know Penner has a right to be pissed and frustrated, but the rest of the people are posers.

7:21: James' worst dream has come true - it's him and a bunch of women. On the bright side, Joe and Edwin (I'm sure their real names), the native Micronesians (I'm assuming) have arrived to help teach the lazy, stupid Americans how to fish. It's always fun to watch how awkward the castaways act around the natives, speaking some bastardized version of English to make them feel better or something (though I think I do the same thing around ESLers).

7:25: Ami begins her first storyline of the game, apparently siding with Tracy and the other noobies. She doesn't trust Cirie (smart) and she might, just might, like Tracy.

7:27: Haha - Ozzy just said that Jason might "be naive enough" (read: stupid) to fall for Ozzy's fake idol. This will only get better from here.

7:28: Chet just made up some story around coral in his foot as an excuse to lay around the beach doing nothing. This guy's great.

7:30: Jason has found the "idol" and says that finding it is "pretty incredible." I couldn't agree more.

7:34: I know Penner had to go home, but there better be an Immunity Challenge and Tribal Council tonight. It's not like the producer's didn't see that nasty infection coming from a mile away. It looks like we're in luck. Maybe...

7:36: Hippie-boy calls out Ozzy on finding the hidden idol. Ozzy, visibly pissed, plays dumb. Not a smart move by the granola one. In other news, (yay!) we have a challenge after all. Even better news - it involves swimming yet again. It also involves balancing a member on a tiny pole and carrying them across the water.

7:40: Airai wins yet again, leaning on James' strength yet again. Will Tracy work her magic yet again, or will Chet finally go home?

7:45: What a lame episode. Now Chet is asking to be voted out. Ozzy pretends to be sad about it, while Ami, Tracy and Erik are now only upset, but plotting to blindside Ozzy. The only thing they are relying upon is for Chet to vote with them and keep himself in pain for a few more days. It's not like he'd be exerting energy by staying there for a few more days. Adding to the complication is the fact (if I recall correctly) that you can't vote for yourself. If Chet were to vote for, say, Cirie, with Amanda, Ozzy and Cirie voting for Chet and Ami, Tracy and Erik voting for Ozzy, we'd have a tie, in which, obviously, Ozzy would beat Chet anyway.

7:50: Ozzy just jinxed himself, saying he'd "get naked and jump off the pier" if he were to be blindsided. This could get ugly, though Mrs. Fletch wouldn't exactly mind seeing Poseidon naked (I can't argue too much - it'd beat Chet or Cirie, right?).

7:53: Chet. Chet. Chet. Sixth person voted out - Chet. Methinks Ami didn't flip, based on her comment to the camera while placing her vote in the box ("Sorry to see you go"). Perhaps she just played the Fans, feeling Tracy was getting too big for her britches (and bra)? I'll know in two minutes.

7:58: Tracy voted for...Erik? Huh? Chet explained why he didn't vote for Ozzy, but, to be honest, I was too blindsided (naked pier jumping for me!) to pay attention to what he said. Weird. Next week? More Kooky Kathy krying. Can she please be the next one off?

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Nick said...

I figure (and pray) that Cirie will be the next one gone. And I still hate Tracy.

Anonymous said...

I think that Tracy and Chet must have voted for Haggen Daz Boy because if Ozzy had the idol they knew that Chet would be gone, I think, does that work out?

Must Love Dogs said...

I was really impressed w/ how bravely Jonathan handled his leg injury on Micronesia. He even participated (and helped win) that reward challenge while in obvious pain but never once whined or tried to get sympathy. Which is more than I can say for Chet who exaggerated his own "ailments" to try to get a noble send-off. Ugh.
I know he has a bad rep for being mouthy and rat-like but Jon Penner showed himself to be a strong and spirited competitor. Can't wait to see him on the reunion, and wish him better luck (and health!) in the future. :)

Fletch said...

@ Nick - I'm for dumping Kathy first. She brings nothing to the table, while Cirie (though she can't be forgiven for ousting Yau) at least has shown some skill at strategy and "playing the game."

@ Anon - I don't think that works, because they knew Chet was a goner anyway. Unless maybe they tried to talk Ami into voting for Erik as well, causing an Erik-Chet tie with 3 each and Ozzy with one. Seems unlikely, though.

@ Must Love Dogs - I agree. Though he might have been thought of as talky or even a bit annoying the first go 'round (not by me, necessarily), he was quite likable here. Throw onto that the fact that he's a gamer, a hard worker and all that, and it's a real shame to see him forced out. Also, it's obvious that Probst likes him a lot (as a player and a person), so maybe the show will hook him up with something...

Robb said...

Fletch - I also picked up on Tracy's, uh, flirting. God I love her. lol

So Tracy and Chet voted for Eric? Doubt it was part of a master plan, they just realize they are the minority and don't want to piss off Ozzy enough to make him target them. Well, and Tracy swore she'd never vote for Chet.

Kathy is pretty, well, Kooky. Here's hoping that she screws up royally on the challenges next week and makes herself a big fat target.

There is no way that Cirie will be voted out next. There is plenty of reason for Ozzy (and everyone else) to want her gone, but the numbers don't work out. If that team loses, it will be Tracy or, hopefully, Eric.

ozzysbigestfan said...

hey i was watching survivor and the part that i hate the most is that people for some reason dont want to vote chet he is weak and he is lazy he is not survivor material. and also instead of voting chet you vote joel now that is stupid who would vote joel over chet i just hope that chet leaves soon and when that happends i will be so happy