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Dec 1, 2007

Blog Cabins REALLY hits the big time!

(I posted much of this in the comments section of the post, but felt it deserved a new post as well.)

Whoa. Just whoa.

Blog Cabins is currently (Saturday morning here in Phoenix) linked by IMDb. On the front page! The bible has recognized me!

This post, on "The 11 worst films on the IMDb Top 250," was made into their Daily Poll, which is featured about halfway down on the home page. As you might imagine, there's been some heated discussion regarding the inclusion of some of the films.

First off, let me say that I'm truly honored. Second, let me say to you, the angry reader - please don't take this list so seriously. If I have one gripe about being listed on the FRONT PAGE OF IMDB it's the fact that I've been misquoted/taken out of context. The title of this post is "The 11 Worst Films" (not "Which films should be booted") and it is entirely subjective, partly tongue-in-cheek, and not meant to be taken absolutely literally.

In short, of all the films that I've seen on the list (which is an admittedly low percentage), these are/may be my least favorite 11.

So, to anyone out there that may stone me for daring to put Groundhog Day or The Prestige on this list, keep in mind that I own and love Groundhog Day and that I generally liked The Prestige (though I still stand by my thinking that The Illusionist is better; it's obvious that I'm in the minority there).

Most of all, keep in mind that this blog is supposed to be fun!

Thanks to all for reading - especially those that were here all the way back when I was a simple, non-linked-by-IMDb blogger. :) Finally, if you're new to the site and are a movie blogger, check out my movie blog directory, the Large Association of Movie Blogs. I'd love to get more sites listed.

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Tony Tanti said...

Nice work man, congrats. I'll have to go check out this list of 11.

I agree with you about the Illusionist by the way. Better acting, better story and a better movie all around. Though The Prestige was pretty good too and I wouldn't put either on the IMDB top 250.

WampaOne said...

Congrats Fletch...I can feel the Force

Adam said...

You are a God among insects my friend. Congrats!

When you get to the top, don't forget about me. I'll help you step over people on the way to peak of blogging performance.

Robb said...

Well that is exciting, good on ya! I support any venue where we can further extoll the virtues of Groundhog Day, however minor they might be in the scheme of things.

Good thing I found you weeks ago, so I'll always be able to say "I knew him before he was famous."