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Dec 3, 2007

Notes on the fallout from the IMDb linkage

Well! That made for an interesting weekend. It's easy to make too much of such a random occurrence, but I suppose that's what happens when you double your site's visits all in one day. Here are some random tidbits inquiring minds are just dying to hear:

* The link happened right after midnight early Saturday morning. Friday traffic (according to StatCounter, with my visits excluded as always) for Blog Cabins was 59 visitors and 72 pageloads. Saturday traffic was 11,190 vistors/12,886 pageloads. Sunday was down significantly, but still well above normal at 600/749. So far today (3PM AZ time), it sits at 116/133. Last Monday was 31/36.

* Blog Cabins was started around mid-December 2006. Total visitors from then until 11/30 was 9,363. In the three days since, there have been 11,490 (numbers from Google Analytics, which I've had for the life of the site, are slightly different than those of StatCounter, which I've only had for about 6 months).

* The post in question currently has 104 comments. It would be at about 114, but I deleted some duplicates and a few that were just plain vulgarities with nothing to add to the conversation. The previous high for any post was 14.

* In case you haven't noticed, I have Google AdSense. I've had it since about June, and it earns me almost nothing. To date, I've earned $7.79. However, Saturday alone accounts for $3.35 of that. I need better ad rates or something...

* As Matt from The Spoon pointed out, I will heretofore be known simply as "This Blogger." Please address me as such. ;)

My question for any bloggers that are linked in my blogroll is, did you get a spike in traffic as a result of my spike? I would think there would be some effect, however small. Let me know.

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joen05 said...

I don't know if I got any increase in traffic, but congrats on being linked up. It was great!!! Now you are really famous, haha.

Tony Tanti said...

I was going to check if I had an increase but I'm noticing you don't link to me. :(

Feel free to if you'd like.

Fletch said...


I had you on LAMB, and this was an oversight. Sorry about that.

WaywardJam said...

Hey Fletch - Congrats on making the big leagues! I did notice a slight increase from my usual Saturday traffic...which sadly isn't saying much for me.

Tony Tanti said...

Thanks fletch, or sorry, 'This Blogger'.

Those are impressive traffic stats.