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Sep 26, 2007

Zoltar commands you to read this post

Recently, I saw the trailer for a small movie called David & Layla. It's a romantic dramedy about a Jewish American man, a Kurdish Muslim woman, and their wacky, zany families. Think of it as My Big Fat Jewish-Muslim Wedding. It doesn't really look all that great, but something about it caught my eye.

Or rather, someone. The lead actor looked strikingly familiar. He's a 30ish guy with curly hair named David Moscow. Nope, the name didn't really ring a bell. He played one of the Van Buren Boys in an episode of Seinfeld a decade ago and had a small role in Just Married. But that's not it, either.

No, David is a famous child actor, or was once upon a time. He's the Fred Savage that never happened. In case the title of the post didn't give it away, Moscow was young Josh in the 1988 hit Big. Nice comeback, Dave, and good luck.

If you'd like to make a wish to go back in time to the moment before you read this, here's your big chance. You can actually purchase your own Zoltar machine. It's a bargain at a cool $9000. You know you want one.

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