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Sep 13, 2007

Thursday's Things to Click On (9/13/07)

Let's get straight to the clickables, shall we?

* If you didn't get enough Full House here last week, The Big Lead was able to give you this week's serving: Have Mercy! Also, many thanks to The Big Lead for linking to my FH post - they're kind of a big deal.

* Reel Fanatic has been on fire lately. First, a tremendous look at next year's summer blockbusters, then just today, a great list of Guilty Pleasure movies (be sure to read the comments as well) - though I had to scold the author and commenters for failing to mention Road House, aka The Greatest Guilty Pleasure Movie of All Time. Also, a proper shout-out to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which starts its new season tonight. Great, great comedy (on FX, check local listings).

* Don't know if this will be yanked or not, but here's a clip from the upcoming Bob Dylan (biopic?) I'm Not There (featuring Cate Blanchett as the bard). If you haven't heard about it, read about it here first. As a Dylan fan (being named after him doesn't hurt), this sounds phenomenal, with an 85% chance at being amazing and a 15% chance of being horrible, and really, don't those make for the best films?

* Offsprung.com brings us the 10 Funniest MPAA Ratings Reasons. Pretty funny stuff.

* From Film School Rejects, another glowing review of 2 Days in Paris. Seriously, it's the best "totally ignored film of the year." Find it.

* I'd heard about this awhile back, but there had been no news since. Let's just call them The Wachowski Sibings from now on, shall we?

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Farmacy said...

The 2008 upcoming movies link is great. I'm looking forward to Ironman, Speed Racer, Indiana Jones and whatever movies Apatow makes me watch.

Your hero,
Robert Hope.