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Aug 9, 2007

Thursday's Things to Click On (8/9/07)

As if the poll and comments and link lists weren't enough to click on, I bring you more things to click on. After all, the overwhelming message I always want you to have when visiting here is: "Please! Leave my site!" Wait, that's not true. Anyway, here's some cool sh*t I've stumbled upon lately:

* Exciting news over at Pointless Banter about the star of Charles in Charge. So exciting that they want the world to know all about it.

* Rumors and Rants asks: Barry Bonds or Milli Vanilli? RIP, Rob. :sniff:

* Devin over at Comictivity has some sites to suggest as well. Most of them are good, but one of them is beyond awesometasticfabulousness. I'll let you guess which one that is.

* Somebody dig up Charles Bronson - he's gonna be pissed that Kevin Bacon and the director of Saw are stealing his movie. While he's at it, he ought to polish off Jodie Foster, too.

* A great review of Sunshine. Seriously, if you like movies, go see it in the theater. If you wait until rental/cable/DVD, the appeal will be greatly diminished, unless you have a kickass home theater.

* Matt over at The Spoon has some preconceived notions about movies he wants to get off his chest. I agree with all of them - but what's the take on Lynch/Eraserhead? I'll add that you can take what he says about Hackman and apply it to Chris Cooper without batting an eye.

* Met up with the Hin Man over at BlogCatalog. He's doing a pay-it-forward goodwill experiment and chose Blog Cabins as one of his featured sites. What good taste. I'm more than happy to be Kevin Spacey to his Haley Joel Osment and return the favor.

* I miss John Candy. Don't you? The Armchair Critic looks back on Summer Rental. This isn't my favorite work of his (Uncle Buck probably holds that spot), but it ain't bad.

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bee said...

That Sunshine review is muey excellente.

The blogger eloquently notes that the movies' death scenes, instead of being gorey and jarring, are actually quite beautiful.