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Aug 30, 2007

Thursday's Things to Click On (8/30/07)

If you haven't "Dugg" one of my posts yet, I will forgive you (though really, you should do it, as it brings me riches and fame the likes of which Brewster has only seen before). However, even if you don't, Digg is truly a great site to visit, and often.

In case you're not aware of how Digg works, let me explain (badly). See the "Digg this" buttons on each of my posts? Well, trillions upon billions of other sites also have these sorts of buttons, and when an article or video is submitted to Digg, it enters their database for whatever subject matter it is submitted under. Things with multiple diggs get more attention, which snowballs into more and more. Typically, the items that are dugg hundreds or thousands of times are items that (for a given field) are truly worth checking out. As it so happens, all of today's items are things that I found on Digg. Enjoy:

* Even if you're not a big Star Wars fan, this is still fun to watch: the first three movies each trimmed to fit into an animated gif. Very well done.

* Filmwad declares that the following actors keep playing the same roles over and over and over again. Obviously, they need to (re)watch Dazed & Confused to understand the range that Ben Affleck truly has. No really, he kicks ass in that.

* Goddamn, I've been waiting for this! NBC, you're making friends.

* You might have heard about this, but it's too good not to repeat. Sure, Steve - it had nothing to do with your ponytail or your environmentalist lectures or your wooden acting or your gut or...

* Finally, Quigspot counts down The Ten Most Obnoxiously Overquoted Movies. Let's see: Really guilty, not guilty, not guilty, guilty, guilty, not guilty...

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Matt said...

The overused movie quotes seems oddly relevant to my ongoing contest to determine the best comedy movie quotes.

Fortunately, the only over-quoted movie that made it into the contest was from Office Space.

I'm not sure if that means we're annoying people with lesser material or just being slightly less annoying. But yeah, we're still probably annoying people.

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