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Aug 29, 2007

The Five Most Awesomely Bad (or Maybe Just Awesome) TV Theme Songs...Ever!

A discussion elsewhere on the internets got me started on this one. One person mentioned the opening song to WKRP from Cincinnati and it all went downhill from there. Anyway, here are some of my favorites - some are cheesy, some are legitimately good, but all are worth revisiting:

Saved By The Bell

If I did karaoke (which I don't and never would...unless I'm really drunk, I suppose), this might be my choice. Unfortunately, the show wasn't in its prime for all that long, so I imagine it's a small window of an age group that knows and loves this show and song like I do. Oh well - your loss.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

You remember the Fresh Prince, right? "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper?" Yes, kiddies, Will Smith was actually a musician years ago - light, jokey stuff, but pretty good nonetheless. The lyrics and video for this opener make it a memorable winner. The show itself? Not so much. (It had its moments, but ran way too long.)

The Dukes of Hazard

Though I never was crazy about the show, it's hard not to recongnize this as one of the best theme songs of all time. A Star singer, a good tune, and a flying car sure go a long ways...

A bonus entry (yet not official selection) goes to The Fall Guy. Unlike Will Smith, Lee Majors was never known as a singer, yet he sung the theme to his short-lived (and well loved by a young Fletch) show here. I wish I could have a beer with the Fall Guy...

The Greatest American Hero

"Look at what's happened to me..." Sure, the show didn't last long, and actually the song is somewhat of a relic, but just the solid gold transformation into George Costanza's answering machine incoming message ought to be enough to earn this theme a spot amongst the greats. William Katt's perm doesn't hurt, either.

Golden Girls

Just cause this ought to get stuck in your head for the next 4 hours.

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