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Apr 30, 2007

Fletch's Film Review: Next

Much like an atheist that feels compelled to go to church, or a Democrat that religiously watches the Fox News network, I too had an overwhelming urge to keep tabs on the enemy. As such, despite my unwillingness to part with my money (much less give to the opposition), I had to see Next, the latest from the Blog Cabins' favorite whipping boy, Mr. Nicolas Cage. And let me tell you, I'm as shocked as you are...

As much as it pains me to say it, and as un-hungry as I am to eat pounds of crow, this is Cage's best film since Leaving Las Vegas. His portrayal as Vegas showman Cris Johnson is as spot-on as if Penn Jillette (or The Amazing Jonathan) himself were playing the part. Half the time, I sat in amazement, just waiting for the next illusion to literally blow my mind.

The direction, by the aforementioned Lee Tamahori, is solid if unspectacular. He takes Philip Dick's story and weaves it into a parable for postmodern life in the 21st century. If you could see the fate of those around you (for however short the time frame), would you? And how much would that weigh on your psyche?

One thing I got right for sure, though, was Jessica Biel's role - she is clearly over matched by the veteran Cage, and would have been better off playing the lead girl character in Disturbia rather than playing with the big kids. Julianne Moore is in full Children of Men effect, as a hardcore FBI agent attempting to cradle Cage's gifts. As she did in Boogie Nights, she commands the screen with her presence alone, and the film suffers only when she is missing.

All that said, the true shock of the film was the endearing performance (cameo) by tiger-mauling victim Roy Horn. Showing true grit and determination, Horn gives a tour-de-force effort playing the right-hand man to the main baddie attempting to take down Cage. His spirit and gusto are unrivaled, and he is hands down the best actor not named Nicolas Cage in the film.

Fletch's Film Rating:

Would I lie to you?

(In case the subtle hints embedded above and below weren't enough, the above review is completely false. As if I would spend more than a nickel to see this...)

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Zana Bee said...

Like the new rating

DirtDawg said...

Wow, I thought 'Next' was gonna blow diseased donkey wang.

I might actually check it out...on Netflix.

Fletch said...

Might want to re-read that rating and the labels, DD. :)

scooter said...

This HAS to be a joke - the movie is absolute crapola

DirtDawg said...

Wow, Paycheck was awesome! Ben Affleck shoulda won the Oscar, the Golden Globe, and the SAG Award.

After reading this review, Next should be just as good, or even better!! I can't wait to see it...on Netflix!!

Anonymous said...

This movie sucked....Big time!

Karl Urban