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Dec 21, 2006

Land of the Comedy

Some coworkers and I were discussing some inane pop culture recently (as we often do, as you might guess) and somehow the topic of the mid-70s TV show Land of the Lost came up. In case you're too young or just unlucky enough to have never seen the show, it originally aired from 1974-77, with a run of 43 episodes.

I implore you to go here and make your way around (specifically to the Sounds section). How this show was ever popular is a mystery to me, but I'm glad that it was so that it could be an unintentional comedy goldmine some 30 years later. Additionally, YouTube has some tremendous videos from the show (though not nearly enough). Word from the LOTL website is that there will even be a movie version (possibly starring Will Ferrell) in 2008.

Here is a snippet of the show, courtesy of YouTube:

If you aren't down with the comedic stylings of Chaka, Grumpy and the Sleestaks, then I just don't know if I can be friends with you.

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WampaOne said...

That was a good trip down memory lane Fletch. Your review of Eragon was nicely put together, and very helpfull. I'll bookmark your site into the daily rotation. May the Force be with you.