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Dec 13, 2006

I'm going to Dizz Knee Land!

Well, that may be jumping the gun a bit. But I actually may go there, en route to another meeting that I have.

In late January, two friends of mine and I will be making a pilgrimage to the City of Angels to audition for a game show on VH1 called the "World Series of Pop Culture." The show, which is screening for participants for its second season, is exactly as its name describes. 16 teams of three members each participate in a tournament to decide who knows the most useless trivia from the worlds of music, movies and other general entertainment-y stuff. Last year's winning team took home a $250,000 prize (!).

Out team, on the other hand, would just like to end up as one of the 16 teams and make it to NYC for the taping in March. Not only will the competition be stiff, but being a group of three males sure won't help, as I imagine that's the demographic of, oh, 95% of the teams. Wish us luck. Oh, and since we'll be in Los Angeles for a whole weekend, we just might make that trip to Disneyland after all...

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The Cheese said...

You made a mistake there, Fletch. Its always good to include some females in all televised game show contests.

Although 95% of the women from the last season of WSOPC were annoying as all hell