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Dec 12, 2006

America, you disappoint me.

Though it was close ($15 million to $12 million), Mel Gibson's Apocalypto was the number one film in America over the weekend, besting Happy Feet.

Aside from my being generally shocked that an ultraviolent (not that I have a problem with violence, mind you), Mayan-tongued film (or Mayans) starring a bunch of no-names and directed by a publicist's nightmare took the top spot, I am more just disappointed. From all angles, this looks like an awful movie, and on top of that, it was an excellent opportunity to send a message to Mr. Gibson that he's no longer wanted. For shame. Here's hoping that the b.o. falls off dramatically and the film ends up with less than $30 million gross.

If you're going to see one film this year with a Mayan pyramid in it, make it The Fountain. And if you're going to see one film with a lot of subtitles in it, make it Babel.

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DirtDawg said...

I thought the movie was good.

Jaguar Paw was pretty awesome.