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May 5, 2011

Ladies of the 90s Tournament...winner!

Congratulations to the Vulcan from Hackers for being selected as the winner of the Ladies of the 90s Tournament! (How did this happen, exactly?)

Just for shits and giggles, humor me by taking part in one more poll. Let's suppose that the SMG gang hadn't overtaken her matchup versus Winona Ryder, who I think we all can agree was robbed of her chance in the tourney. Who would you choose between her and the two finalists?

10 people have chosen wisely: on "Ladies of the 90s Tournament...winner!"

Jack L said...

That's pretty ridiculous, I voted against her most of the time as I can't stand her acting and find her really unattractive.
Winona Ryder should have won this.

Still, it was fun, I would definitely participate in another similar event!

Reel Whore said...

I'm glad Angelina Jolie won. It should have been either Halle Berry or Salma Hayek imo, but at least it went to one of my final picks.

Nick said...

Uma. Beetlejuice and Heathers were both 80s flicks. Edward Scissorhands was 90, but that's not enough for me. Had the other two been 90s, it would have been Winona.

Thaddeus said...

I like all 3 of these women, in terms of beauty and acting. I had no idea that you had a joss whedon fan surge here, but it's not surprising - just totally incorrect that SMG is better-looking than Winona.

Even though I never voted until this post, and Hayek was the obvious winner, I know why Angelina won. For one thing, she's gotta be the youngest of those 3 women. We've seen her at the pinnacle of her looks for a while now.

More importantly... Uma does not look like the typical blonde, and I like that about her. Winona, however, is terribly pretty, but her looks are very "vanilla," normal.

That lovely Vulcan up there, who got married within a year of that picture above - wearing a shirt with the groom's blood on it - she doesn't look like anybody else, and she looks *good.* She's like an f-ed up modern day Mae West.

Fletch said...

@ Jack - Indeed, it's quite ridiculous. I don't find her to be a bad actress or unattractive, but the fact is that she wasn't nearly the star that so many other of the higher seeds in this tourney were, and though I'm sure most think her far and away the most attractive (something I probably wouldn't dispute), but it's about the combo and just how big of an icon of the decade the star is, and I just don't think Jolie was.

There will be the male counterpart to this tourney coming soon (it's stacked, btw) here...or elsewhere. Keep an eye out.

@ Wayne - No! This was Ryder's!

@ Nick - Same to you! (Though I can't fault an Uma pick. I'd have been content to see her win.)

@ Thaddeus - Yeah, the SMG fans got wind of this thing and stormed her matchup with Winona, beating her like 75%-25%. It was ridiculous.

Hayek is hot as hell, but she was a bit player through the 90s, and I don't think that should have been enough to win it.

Don't get me wrong - we could do a lot worse than Jolie. Though she might not have been iconic enough in the 90s for my liking, she was still getting to be a big name, and she is damned striking. Though I'd say that Shannon Sossyman (sp?) looks a hell of a lot like her...

simoncolumb said...

I think, in fairness, Jolie is a good representation of the 90s woman. Hitting her peak at the end of the decade. Winona Ryder seems very early 90s ... the comedown from the 80s. Jolie is completely 90s.

Colin Biggs said...

Jolie may not be my most favorite actress but she is a good representation of that decade. Had this been a 80's contest Ryder would have won it hands down.

Fletch said...

@ Simon - I disagree. Bullock and Roberts are THE representations of the 90s...they just aren't as visually appealing as Jolie and the like. Jolie's peak was in the 00s, no doubt.

@ Fitz - Well, I think Ryder straddles the late 80s/early 90s mostly, so that's probably what hampered her more than anything. Uma seemed a cool choice, though - her peak of fame was probably form about 93-04, so she covered the 90s pretty well. Just didn't have the looks to take down Jolie.

Joel Burman said...

Its a shame that Julia Roberts weren't seeded against Sandra Bullock earlier on.

film said...

I am glad Jolie won she is brilliant.