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May 16, 2011

The end of an era

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!
Wait, let's try that again:
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!
That's right, my friends, after four-and-a-half years, Blog Cabins will be no more. Some months back, I got a message from my friend and fellow blogger Kai Parker of The List. It said, "I am drunk so bear in mind when reading! :) If we were smart, we would get together with a handful of other bloggers we know and build one big Mega-blog-site." Much to his surprise, I replied with, "Not shitting you...I've been thinking about this kind of thing for a while, and especially lately, but wondered who to ask and whether or not anyone would have interest."

Thus, a new website was born. Chalk it up to any number of things: boredom, a desire for a new challenge, the appeal of a new partnership - whatever it was, there it is. Kai and I are each ceasing operations on our existing sites (the URL will still function, but there will be no new posts) and have begun a new journey, one that can be found at our new home:


We have high hopes and big goals for our new site. It will feature lists (of course), reviews of new releases, classic films and vault picks, news, trailers, editorials, festival/awards coverage, games and hopefully everything in between. There will be additional contributors (let us know if you're interested!) helping us along the way, too. Basically, we've spent much of the last two months working on the site (thank god the Ladies of the 90s tourney was here to keep this place going over that time; watch for the Dudes of the 90s tourney over at Insight Into Entertainment, going on now) and we're really excited about what we've got. We hope that you'll come visit us and give us a warm welcome.

So thanks to all of you that visited BC over the years - it was a blast and wouldn't have been without everyone that visited and commented and all that other sappy stuff that people say. Mucho thanks as well to Kai for joining me on this new journey as well. It's gonna be a blast - join us!

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Scott said...

Man, I love exciting announcements. Can't wait to contribute!

Stevee Taylor said...

This sounds cool! Good luck with your new venture! Will be reading :)

Ryan McNeil said...

Holy shit - this is huge!

Good on ya man! I'm sure I wont be alone in missing BC but y'all have created something pretty awesome to take it all to the next level. :)

Best of luck to ya!

Red said...

Weak sauce!!

Kidding, of course. Surprised this doesn't happen more often, actually. My own blog only last a whopping two posts before I started begging Castor to let me join.

New site looks good.

Jess said...

Congratulations (and thanks for the plug). It'll be great.

Kano said...

Well, I was going to scream at you for taking away such a vital part of my reading material.

But, I checked out the new site and its got all the same great material and more (all in one place).

So, I wish you both luck in this new venture. And also thank you for the love on the links page.

Question, are you two eligible for best new LAMB next year? Guaranteed Victory.

Anonymous said...

This is clearly just a ploy to win best new LAMB next year.

In all seriousness, it's a great combo and I look forward to seeing what you guys keep coming out with in the years to come.

Rachel said...

So awesome! I'll miss BC and the List, but at least you've distracted me with something new and shiny.

So...can I expect your New LAMB submission on August 16th? If you ask nicely (read: bribe), I may let the "3 Month" rule slide just this once. Not sure I can put BC to pasture as a Dead LAMB though. I don't have it in me.

And the idea to join forces is pretty tempting.

Sam Turner said...

Sorry to see Blog Cabins in its current form disappear but best of luck with the new site.

Univarn said...

So, when do I begin my weekly column as Igor Von Vanderhosen the God of Faux Cinema News? With my killer breaking stories like 'Robert Pattinson to star in Ghandi 2' and 'Steven Spielberg announces next film to feature entire cast of Jersey Shore'

On a serious note, best of luck. You know you'll be a daily destination for me!

P.S. next time don't leave me alone with a secret like this. I had to IM myself on AIM and create mock conversation scenarios just to ensure I didn't let anything slip.

Castor said...

That's amazing. I have had the exact same idea for the longest of time. I should have gotten drunk and mass emailed people too ;) But in a serious note, maybe you started some much needed consolidation in the movie blogging arena? ahah ;)

I shall be a daily visitor of "Man I Love Film" much like I have been for Blog Cabins and The List! Best of luck guys, the site looks great!!

blake said...

This makes me uneasy. Like when my parents got divorced...

I will miss Blog Cabins!

Nic Cage said...


Fletch said...

@ Scott - Seriously. Can't wait to have you, too. I shed a tear for Cyrus often...

@ Stevee - Why thank you.

@ Hatter - And now you know why we were keenly interested in your announcement. We were worried you were gonna steal our thunder! Yeah, I'm gonna miss the hell out of it, too, but on to bigger and brighter things. This sounded like too much fun to pass up, and I think it was time to move on.

@ Red - Wow, two whole posts, huh? We'll see - maybe we'll see more and more of this in the future. It was cool to see it happen with so many podcasts.

@ Jess - Thanks (and you're welcome!). :)

@ Kano - YES - Man, I Love Films for Best New LAMB at the 2012 LAMMYs! The campaign starts today!

Yes, hopefully it will bring the best of both our sites...and a lot more. It won't merely just be a combining, I can guarantee that.

@ James - Hell yeah. We're smart like that.

@ Rachel - Well, technically, it won't ever be dead dead. Just inactive, and that won't be for 6 months, right?

As for the new site...ya know, I could just slip it in there myself. Then again, LAMB #1000 sounds about right for the new site. :D That would just be too evil, wouldn't it?

Do it - join forces! Ya know ya want to!

@ Film Intel - Thanks. I hear ya. Hopefully, the magic isn't gone... ;)

@ Univarn - Ya know, we might need a news editor...why not fake news?

Please please please post the transcripts of these mock conversations. They're bound to be hilarious.

@ Castor - Uh...you kind of already have something like this, doncha? We're chasing your dragon, dude.

@ Blake - Awww...but we still love you. It's not your fault! It's not your fault!

@ Nic - Yessssssssss!

Colin Biggs said...

For a second I thought you were just going to stop writing completely. I'll be sure to add Man I Love Films to my blogroll.

Univarn said...

The best kind of news is fake news. Real news is always the same thing. "So and so rumored to be in X film. So and so rumored to be in Y film. So and so rumored to be in all films until we hear otherwise."

Thaddeus said...

Congratulations, Fletch! I'm very happy for you in this new site. I will miss the ease of typing my comments via blogspot; then again, you'll avoid any future blog-pocalypse like we had last week.

I wish you, of course, the greatest success. But only if I get to ride your coattails to success, and if not I wish you pretty great success.

Reel Whore said...

Holy shitsnacks! I've got to get over to the new site pronto!

Fletch said...

@ Fitz - Nahh....and I see that you have. Thank you kindly!

@ Thaddeus - I dunno, the commenting over at the new site is pretty damn easy, too. In fact, you're one of the few that might argue that Blogger is easier.

Ride them coattails, ride! Sorry I've been absent...as you can tell, I've been a bit busy! :)

@ Wayne - Indeed you did as well. in a big way!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll miss Blog Cabins, but I LOVE the new site!