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Apr 11, 2011

Poll results; new poll

A tight three-horse (bad term, considering) race for the Biggest Snubee of the Ladies of the 90s Tournament, but Miss Trout Pout herself has the sole claim to the title, besting Drew Barrymore and Catherine Zeta-Jones, in a 16-14-12 finish.

Poor Bridgette Wilson...not a single vote. Even Scrunchy Face Zellweger did better. Ouch.

New poll is up and is a simple one: which 2011 wide release is the best of the year (so far)? My mind was made up for me last night, but I can't say that I've disliked really any in the last few months, with Paul being the lowest (I think) at 2.5 stars/lambs.

3 people have chosen wisely: on "Poll results; new poll"

Nick said...

What, no Sucker Punch? :P

Nikhat said...

Rio was quite lovely. I liked it much better than Rango...but I'm very excited for Hanna!

Fletch said...

@ Nick - Nnnnnnnnnnnooo. No Sucker Punch. Still can't believe you gave that a 4. Regardless of how many excuses you made for it, it doesn't even seem like you believe it's that good.

@ Nikhat - Good to hear about Rio - I can tell it's gorgeous, but wasn't sure about the story. I did quite like Rango, though...