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Jan 5, 2011

An update on The 50 Films I Will See in 2011

I've added a button to the main navigation to the initial Film I Will See in 2011 post, and I'll be updating it periodically. After I've seen one of the films listed below, I'll strike it out and offer a link to any words written about it, if applicable. Check back often! Two films down already. At this pace...

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Anonymous said...

I hugely approve of this exercise. I hope your momentum keeps up. I posted a list of 100 films I wanted to watch right about two years ago (http://bitchinfilmreviews.com/the-100-movies-ive-never-seen-project/) and I'm only 65 movies in so far! But I pledge to do better this year.

Fletch said...

I hope my momentum keeps up, too, Blake. I think with a kid keeping us house-bound, it'll be a lot easier to do so. Hopefully, I won't just get way ahead (like see 10 of them in a month) and then procrastinate until I'm way behind. But I'm pretty good with challenges.

Looks like you saw just about all of the more modern ones...let's just say you had a hard time getting a hold of them older ones, shall we?