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Aug 13, 2010

LAMBcast #34

Silly me. Here I was, hoping for a semi-serious, spur-of-the-moment discussion of expectations and the role they play in our movie watching experience. What'd I get? Well, I guess what you might call typical LAMBcast shenanigans.

On the episode joining me this week was Nick, Jason, and first-time LAMBcaster Andrew from The Stop Button. Listen in as we take detours and diversions, but eventually (kinda) get back on track - who knows, either way it's a lot of fun. We finish with Trailer Talk about The Goon and Drive Angry 3D (Nic Cage - yes!) and a pair of LLS games.

As usual, the music, as provided royalty-free by Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech website, is the bomb. Big thanks to Kevin for providing this service.

Also, we're still on iTunes, and would still love a review, even if it's a bad one. Thanks for listening!

And don't forget that there's a dedicated Facebook page for the LAMBcast. I'll still post something here when a new episode is released, but if you're looking for a central place for commentary, suggestions, complaints, etc., go here.

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Anonymous said...

A. Hey jerk, how about putting out your weekly TGIF column timely once in a while, some of us actually want your stance on the week's offerings, I wanted your preemptive take on Expendables, start publishing that Thurs night...

2. I was verily disappointed in your teeth column, your tom cruise thing freaked me out, after a quick google search though, Tom's teeth are solid, you got tricked by a photoshop or something, and Tom still resides alongside me as one of the 5 best looking gentlemen in America

g. Why haven't I been invited on one of these podcasts, me, you, and Nick arguing before the finale of Lost would have been good listening, wasn't Nick head over heels for Hurley, and me with my thing for Desmond?

7. I thought I had one more bullet point... whatever... get this, I suggested the name Santino to an Italian friend of mine for his kid about to be born, and it didn't ring his bell, and he and his wife ridiculed for me for my suggestion... query.. would even you Fletch, the lamest of classic movie fans respect Santino?? To me it's the coolest Italian name ever thanks to Jimmy Caan...

8. Oh, I have a new column idea if my spot is still open next fall; my fans, especially Nick, would be heartbroken to lose me, if you're still coming to Vegas next month, we can discuss my contract over a cocktail or 20...


Fletch said...

KV - First of all, I think you might've just single-handedly pushed me to bring back the Comment of the Week feature I used to have way back when. Nice!

In order:

A. I already felt bad, having posted something on the Facebook page about this, but you pushed me here, too - I just finished posting this week's TGITDNMAR. You better enjoy it, buddy.

2. Tom's teeth are by no means solid. Look again at your man crush.

g. Start a blog, keep it active for three months, and join the LAMB, and then you can be on the LAMBcast. Of course, I might be able to make the case that you belong as a contributor to this site. And hell, I get to make the rules anyway. If you really want in, we can discuss your contract for this as well in three weeks.

7. Giving FB baby name suggestions? Really? Santino is a winner...if you're Italian. Otherwise...not so much.

8. Sweet. Yep, let's discuss this later.

Nick said...

Just to make a more technical case for KV on the LAMBcast, we did have Tom's friend despite him not being a LAMB, didn't we? But then again, at least his friend actually had a blog...

Wouldn't a Nick/Kid Vegas podcast be damn entertaining? I can see it now... "Demented Kid Podcast."

Fletch said...

Nick - I thought about Brett. I would argue that KV has more of a right to be on than Brett did, since he's posted several times on this here LAMB site (#1, baby!).

I prefer "Doorknob Kid." :P

Nick said...

Haha... I like Doorknob Kid (or Kid Doorknob).