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Jun 17, 2010

Further evidence of my movie geekery

Anything movie-related pop in your head when you see this picture?

Because I think of this man:

If I don't have to explain, then you're my bestest friend in the whole world. But odds are that no one has a clue in hell as to what I'm talking about and, after I tell you, you most likely will wish you didn't know.

It's all very simple, really. Just a case of association. I might hear the name or see a package of Baked Lays, but what my mind really hears is "Fake legs?" Why on earth would I hear that? Well, as astute Out of Sight viewers will know, it's a line spoken by Luis Guzman during a (brief) conversation he has with Catherine Keener in which he's asking her how the "saw the lady in half" trick that a magician does is done. I just love the way he says it and it's always stuck with me.

And now you can't un-know that.

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The Taxi Driver said...

Luis Guzman is the man. I especially love his Dialogue in Count of Monte Cristo: "I swear on my dead relatives--and even the ones that are not feeling so good"

Darren said...

Guzman is fantastic, and one of the best supporting performers around. It's just a shame he's never really had the chance to headline a movie.

Colin Biggs said...

Thank God for Soderbergh and PT Anderson otherwise I don't know how many roles Guzman would get.

Darren said...

Nah, he'd always be the token Latino sidekick to nefarious goings-on (Carlito's Way, The Taking of Pelham 123) or quirky supporting character in a comedy (Yes Man or Anger Management).

Reel Whore said...

Guzman is great. It's sad I've only seen him in really, really bad movies lately.

I actually remember the scene you speak of, but Baked Lays did not make me think of it; now they will. :-)

Fletch said...

Mike - haven't seen Luis in Monte Cristo. Sounds like a perfect line there from him, though.

Darren.,Fitz - I think I've got to side with Fitz on this one. The non-PTA/Soderbergh flicks mentioned don't exactly instill confidence in me (never did like Carlito's Way). Meanwhile, he's great in Traffic, Boogie Nights, Out of Sight, etc. I don't think he said more than 10 words in Pelham (probably a good thing since it sucked anyway...).

RW - my work here is done, then. I gotta go my peepee.