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Apr 11, 2010

Stained Glass Cinema Sunday (#87)



J.D. - 23
Dreamrot (smacdonn) - 7
Nick, Wendymoon - 6
Clive Dangerously - 5
Jason/Daniel, David Bishop, Rachel, JLG - 3
TheGreatWhiteDope, TJMAC510 - 2.5
Evan Derrick, Jason Soto, BD79, Justin, - 2
Steel11Kane, TonyD, Luke Harrington, Adam Ross, Anders, Dave, Big Mike Mendez, Nic Cage, CaptainRon19 - 1

Here are the altered/actual posters from last time:

11 people have chosen wisely: on "Stained Glass Cinema Sunday (#87)"

Justin Gott said...

Beginner: Dude, Where's My Car?

Alex said...

oh my god I FINALLY know one and someone beats me to it by 5 minutes? This is infuriating!!!

Justin Gott said...

Is the expert one Hollow Man?

Fletch said...

Justin - bingo on the Beginner. No to Hollow Man.

Alex - You get an A for effort. Does that help? ;)

Nick said...

Damnit! I'm in the same boat as Alex. I knew the beginner poster immediately, but it was already taken.

Justin Gott said...

Too quick for you!

How about The Prestige?

simoncolumb said...

il go lakehouse ... or white fang ... for the second one.

i saw the first one and thought 'if only i was a yankee and it was 'released' at a normal time'. Man alive!



JLG said...

Astronaut farmer?

Fletch said...

Simon - so close with White Fang...

Sorry about the posting time. They're usually up much earlier in the day, if that makes you feel better.

Kano - Bam! I didn't think that the poster itself was all that hard to decipher, but it's a movie that no one cared about (and rightfully so) from day one, pretty much. I was sure it had been altogether forgotten. Nice work.

elgringo said...

I knew DWMC, but I guessed White Fang for the expert one. Nice to know I was close.