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Apr 9, 2010

Ladies of the 80s Tournament - Round 1: Betsy Russell (4) vs Julia Montgomery (5)

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Previous results: John Travolta battles Eddie Murphy in today's Dudes matchup. Yesterday, his wife took care of business against Kerri Green, 19-12. Click here to view the updated full bracket.

Betsy Russell

Comments: The Moviezzz Blog to the rescue once again:

"In 1983, after FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH and PARADISE, guys went to see the new Phoebe Cates film, PRIVATE SCHOOL.

Unfortunately for them, Phoebe had grown up a bit, and mostly kept her clothes on in this one, even using a double at one point.

But that didn’t matter. Most were distracted by her co-star, a red head by the name of Betsy Russell."
80s Highlights: Private School, Cheerleader Camp

Julia Montgomery

Comments: Montgomery is really only known for one role (from the 80s, at least), but it was a memorable one in one of the decade's biggest comedies. If only I'd scheduled her matchup for the same day as her screen boyfriend's (Ted McGinley) matchup. And yeah, in hindsight, she's over-seeded, even as a 5. C'est la vie.
80s Highlights: Revenge of the Nerds

14 people have chosen wisely: on "Ladies of the 80s Tournament - Round 1: Betsy Russell (4) vs Julia Montgomery (5)"

Nic Cage said...

I cannot believe it took me 34 years to discover Betsy Russell. I mean, I have seen her in the SAW movies, but how did I miss her 80's flicks?

Wow, she is stunning. I am smitten.

Sorry Betty Childs, you have nothing on Betsy.

Snipes said...

Betsy Russell... call the win.

drewbacca said...

Never heard of (or just don't remember) either of these girls. But Betsy Russell wins hands down. Damn.

Theater Seats said...

Yep, Russell. She is wet head and shoulders above Montgomery, although the computer generated woman from weird science beats both of these easily.

Fletch said...

"TheAnswerMVP2001 said...
Betsy Russell... call the win."

You said it. This is getting bloody ugly awfully fast.

Nic, Drew - same here. I really need to watch Private School. I feel so left out...

Theater Seats - I don't know about that; I'd take Russell over LeBrock any day of the week. It's just that Russell's resume more or less stinks.

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

I think I first saw private school around 1988 when I was about 11 years old. upon seeing Betsy Russell I immediately hit puberty.

Nick said...

Betsy. She's married to Jigsaw, for crying out loud.

Tom said...

I never heard of either of them.

Snipes said...

I've never seen one of Betsy's films either, but she could easily win this whole thing on looks alone. She's in her late 40's now and still looks like she's in her mid 20's, I don't get it.

Tom said...

Betsy is sizzling hot. I'll vote for her.

Nic Cage said...

I am calling it:

Connelly vs Russell


Snipes said...

^ Connelly is really a bad person to have in this competition, because everyone thinks about her in the 90's and now. In the 80's she wasn't well known and she was underage. Everyone else in this competition was pretty much a sex symbol in the 80's or their career didn't last past the 80's, so it's not hard to associate them with anything after. If Connelly makes it to the finals it will be because people are associating her with her more recent years. Which is why I'm actually going to vote against her in the next round.

Now the battle coming up between LeBrock and Russell is going to be interesting.

ratatouille's archives said...

Bonjour! Fletch,
I just stop by to vote and I just voted for John Travolta and the lady name Betsy Russell.


By the way, that seventh followers on your Google follower is really...cute the baby, but of course!

Fletch said...

AnswerMVP - very good points on Connelly, and I feel the same way about people thinking of her in her later years. It's hard to disassociate in your mind what people looked like later on or even now, but they should really try.

DeeDee - merci!

Cage - if it's Connelly/Russell, then I've really done a piss-poor job at seeding. That'd be two number 4s!