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Apr 30, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins Episode 11 Recap

No live blog tonight, as I couldn't be at the TV at 7:00 tonight, but the recap is coming soon...

Thanks to the miracle of technology (aka my parents' DVR), I'm able to watch the latest episode tonight. Though, without commercials and with us watching it starting at a different time, I won't know the "minute" of my post, so I'll just be giving you bullet points.

* Debbie: "I really didn't appreciate you all not telling me" about the plans to take out Tyson. Well, honey, that's what happens when you're on the outs of a tribe. Get used to not liking stuff.

* Further evidence that Debbie has lost her grasp on the game. Persona non grata from last episode - Sierra - is now one of the people in her plans to make the Final Four. Flip-flopper...

* Wow. I've just got nothing of consequence to say about the last 15 minutes or so. Boo me. Here's a quick recap:

- Knowledge of Questions About the Other Players Reward Challegne, won by Stephen, which showed that pretty much everyone hates Sierra.

- Coach was surpisingly quiet (I guess he's still in shock, having joined the losers' team)

- Stephen took J.T. and Taj on his Reward, which featured local cuisine and a cool natural spring

- Erinn suffered on Exile "Island," sleeping in pouring rain.

* Well, that, however, was interesting. Sierra was being perfectly rational, calm, even nice, as she told the plain facts to Coach and Debbie. Debbie FREAKED out, acting as though Sierra was rubbing in her face the fact that she's not with them. D'uh - why the hell would Sierra join the people that just voted for her? Debbie is my new least favorite player in the game, and my sympathies for Sierra, who's just naive more than anything else, are constantly growing.

* Uh-oh. Coach just broke the Warrior's Code, lying to J.T. and Stephen to save his samurai butt. He even offered to become blood brothers with them in a show of his brotherhood and loyalty. Ok, that's not true at all...but it wouldn't have surprised me one bit.

* Damn - I wish I could be playing in the Immunity Challenge - I would totally kick ass, having recently mastered the ball/holes-in-table game on Mrs. Fletch's iPhone. Maybe there will be a Scramble Challenge, too (another iPhone app).

* Coach wins Immunity! His first. I'm going to send a sword and kimono as a sign of my respect to the Wise One.

* You know, I took a look and actually read Debbie's occupation. Having done so, it doesn't surprise me at all that she, a school principal, is having big issues with the 23-year old Sierra that she can't control and boss around like a misbehaving student. "I'm too old for this!," she wailed. Well, I guess you are - why don't you just go ahead and quit.

* I'm pretty sure Coach just said that "honesty, integrity and cowardice" were two things. Hmmm... Oh, and then he went on a bizarre monologue about Stephen (not the contestant, but some historical figure) and God and "God help them for they know not what they do" and blah blah blah - vintage Coach.

* Well, Sierra got the axe, but that wasn't the most interesting part. Did you notice the odd vote for Stephen? Stranger still, did you notice that while the votes were being shown, that it showed a crying Erinn as the one who did it, with the words "swear never again" written below the name? Bizarre. I mean, I guessed that it was her that voted for him, but the crying and note sure threw me for a loop.

* Next week - shocker! - Debbie turns on Coach. I'm really starting to hate her. Can Tyson come back?

Just kidding. I like him right where he is; looking metrosexual as hell in the losers' corner.

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RIPE Creative said...

I'm really not understanding why everyone hates Sierra so much. I just don't see her as a dumb "chickie", and would probably actually like her were I there. She seems OK, and a hell of a lot smarter than many past contestants. Maybe these things are just being cut/edited?

Robb said...

Let me say this in defense of Debbie - and this will be the ONLY thing I say in her defense - is that I'm pretty sure she said "I DO appreciate it that you didn't tell me about Tyson". Her and Coach actually played Tyson's demise pretty smart I thought, pretending it wasn't a big deal, when really they just realized they've lost the game.

I don't get why everyone hates Sierra so much, but since they ALL do, it must be earned. I get Erinn's vote, cause earlier in the episode she tells Sierra that she believes Coach is lying and so won't vote for her (Sierra). I'm much more curious why Taj voted for Debbie.

Do you think Coach knows he is a lying liar, or does he believe his own bullsh*t? I swear he is the best villain since Rich Hatch.

Nick said...

I agree... I have no idea why people hated Sierra. And yeah, Erinn voted for Stephen because she said she wouldn't vote for Sierra, and they didn't clue her in on the possible Debbie blindside. In not knowing what else to do, she probably (painfully) voted Stephen, though letting him know she'd never do it again, as she didn't know what else to do. That's my guess.

But I'm with Robb... the Taj voting for Debbie thing makes me much more curious (did Stephen and JT give each other 'knowing eyes' on changing their votes to Sierra during tribal or what? That's the only way I can see them voting Sierra, but Taj not being clued in).

And Debbie pissed me off in this episode. I haven't despised a character on Survivor this much in a long time.

Anonymous said...

actually Tyson was looking homosexual, metrosexual would imply that he sleep with chicks...

Fletch said...

Robb - you're right. Mrs. Fletch said the same thing (about Debbie and what she had said) when she read this last night. Such is the plight of the "live" blogger (I was still typing it up as we watched it, even if it wasn't technically live.

Like you all, I don't get the Taj vote. I guess the Taj/J.T./Stephen alliance isn't as strong as we once thought.

Coach MOST DEFINITELY believes his own bullshit. He's so full of it that it's spreading out of Brazil and into Chile - they touch, right? ;)

Though I wouldn't grant him "best villain" status or anywhere near it, mostly because I can't take him seriously as a villain. He's comic relief more than anything. Randy was a better villain because there was nothing redeeming about him.

Gay/Greg - What can I say? I was being kind. Don't forget - Tyson's Mormon. Not sure how that's affected the odd way about him, but I'm sure it's had some bearing.

Nick said...

Well, the last thing the Mormons graced us with was Twilight. I think that's 'nuff said...

RIPE Creative said...

mormons aren't exactly known for their fashion sense outside of gingham.