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Dec 17, 2008

Guest Review: Little Man

Editor's note: If there's one thing I love, it's a guest column. A different perspective for you, less work for me - it's a win-win. Even better is when it's a dissenting opinion, and if it's my fake internet friend Chris (his stagnant site BostonSucksMyBlog can be found here; other comedy stylings can also be found here), it's all about dissenting opinions.

As you can tell by his blog name, Chris is all about tact; additionally, he has awful taste in movies and isn't afraid to tell you that you're lame as hell for liking Academy fare or the Red Sox or music or, well, anything he doesn't like. But he does like those wacky Wayans brothers, and what's so wrong about that? Here, he graces us with his review of their special effects opus from just a few years ago, Little Man - enjoy. And, if you'd like to send in a review or even become a part-/full-time contributor to Blog Cabins, email me!

If you see one movie made in 2006 about a midget going undercover as a baby to steal a diamond from a woman’s purse out of her house, make it Little Man. The Wayans Brothers are at it again. And as usual, hilarity ensues.

Little Man was the Wayans follow-up to their smash hit White Chicks. Originally it was going to be a sequel to White Chicks, with both Shawn and Marlon playing babies in The Hamptons, undercover. Instead, they turned the fellas loose in NYC (I think) in a good ole fashioned diamond caper. Marlon Wayans and Tracy Morgan play bumbling jewel thieves who stash a stolen diamond in a woman’s purse as they evade the pigs.

Marlon plays a 3-foot tall thug, and acts like a baby dropped at the door of said woman, who lives with her boyfriend Shawn Wayans. Of course the loving couple take in the adorable tike. Once he is in the house as the “adopted” child, the movie takes off and never looks back.

Some of my favorite scenes: When Marlon tries to suck on Brittany Daniels’ tit (YES!); Shawn takes a bath with Marlon – haha; Shawn’s girl noticing the stab scars on Marlon; pretty much any other scene with Brittany Daniels – oh hell yeah. Oh man, what a flick!

Minute for minute, Little Man stacks up as one of the all time comedy great movies. It’s not quite on the level of White Chicks, in my opinion, but still a tremendous comedy. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry from laughing so hard, and you’ll laugh some more. If you like funny movies, you’ll love Little Man. If you don’t like this movie, I don’t want to know you. Just stay away. Thanks.

Final Grade: A-

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Farzan said...

LOL, I thought it was terrible

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BSMB, you complete me.

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Happy New Year?

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