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Jul 1, 2008

CoWs (6/23 - 6/29)

Here are your Comments of the Week for 6/23 - 6/29:

* Joe05, in response to my chance of viewing The Love Guru:
"I don't even know why Love Guru was even made... I had probably -10% desire to see it."

* Diesel dropped by to get fooled by my Bizarro post, but offered a bizarro opinion of his own:
"I watched Fritz Lang's Metropolis last night. It was so awesome that I watched it on TiVo on fast forward. Really great stuff, and not slow or ham-fisted at all."

* Jason tells us why he's the like The Dude:
"Well, pretty much I'm the kind of person who's just there and weird ass things keep happening to me, or weird ass people come up to me and do/say weird things and I just wanna sit on my rug and listen to bowling tapes, man. It ties the room together..."

* Gaylord has a theory of which movie series his family fits into:
"I like the outside the box thinking Irwin, me and my three younger brothers would compare favorably to the Die hard Series, we're all macho and pretty sweet, I'm the first, and unquestionably best of the foursome, the second brother was kind of lame and didn't make a lot of sense, then my third brother was pretty good and surprised a lot of people but could never live up to the original, finally my last brother doesn't make a lot of sense on paper, but people seem like to him and he makes a lot of money..."

And the winner of the Chong Li Memorial Comment of the Week is...

Clive Dangerously loves his siblings:
"I'd need a quadrilogy where the last one was a bitch."

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Nick said...

I'm totally not witty, apparently.

Fletch said...

The feature's only two weeks old...give it time, young padawan.

Anonymous said...

There's only witty, and witty not. There is no half wit.

Nick said...

Unless its name is dj. OH! BURN!