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Jul 2, 2008

Breaking News: Tony Stark popping up on film sets worldwide

LOS ANGELES - After helping lift the rejuvenated Incredible Hulk series over the hundred million dollar mark, Iron Man's Robert Downey, Jr. finds himself in demand and overworked.

Hot on the heels of the $300 million success that was Iron Man, the smart folks behind The Incredible Hulk, who already had a cameo for Downey's Tony Stark character lined up, decided to push up the appearance of the bit part from the post-end credits sequence (a la Samuel L. Jackson's cameo in Iron Man) to the end of the film, ratcheting up the fanboy buzz and ensuring that moviegoers got their fill of Stark in what's set to be a cross-pollination franchise spree for Marvel.

However, other studios have seen the success that a Stark appearance can bring to a film, and they want in on it. As a result, Downey, Jr. has found himself littered upon set after set, playing Stark/Iron Man in everything from a man on the street in the upcoming Robert DeNiro-Al Pacino crime thriller Righteous Kill to a "robot" in Wall*E to a co-starring role in the Coens' already hotly anticipated Burn After Reading.

The usually shy Coens' even opened up to Blog Cabins, giving their take on why they wanted Iron Man for their caper. Says Ethan Coen, "People told us that Tony Stark was a comic book character and had no business being onscreen in a quirky comedy, but I really feel as though they had blinders on. Stark's a visionary, and I can see him being in everything from horror films to documentaries - the guy knows a lot, has seen the world, and isn't afraid to blow sh*t up every now and then, which comes in handier than you'd think."

The toll is taking its part on Downey, Jr., but for the meantime, he's more than willing to ride out the renewed vigor in his career. He is, however, worried about the potential damage this may due to the Iron Man franchise, stating "I mean, obviously, it's hard for me to say no to two million dollar paychecks for 3 days work all the time, but you have to think that people are gonna get sick of this guy. The Bond people approached me recently about adding an Iron Man cameo to Quantum of Solace as the new gadget guy for Bond, but I had to say no - I mean, wasn't John Cleese the last guy to take that job? Didn't exactly earn him much favor with audiences."

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Fox said...

Damn Fletch... I didn't know you had the Coens and Downey Jr. on your speed dial! Freakin' tight! Do you think either party can somehow mix in a screenshot of LAMB in their upcoming films?

Perhaps she was just pulling my leg, but a pal of mine said that Iron Man makes an appearance in Mamma Mia! too. Did you hear any word of this in your investigating?

Nick said...

haha, that was awesome.

Pretty soon, Iron Man will be in everything except for Iron Man 2.

Evan Derrick said...

Very, very funny Fletch. You've given me my laugh for the day.

Anonymous said...



Fletch said...

@ Fox - Downey was indeed set to cameo in Mamma Mia!, but when he learned that Streep was starring, he backed out, as he's afraid audiences won't be able to tell the two of them apart.

Thanks all - glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

applause. Fletch you have given me laugh for the day .