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Feb 26, 2008

Familiar Face - Unknown Name #3 - Kevin Corrigan

Call them what you want - character actors, "That Guy(s)," scene stealers - I don't care. This is a regular feature where I spotlight one performer, whether they be longtime veterans (like J.K. Simmons or Barry Corbin) or a fresher face just making their way up the stardom ranks. For previous FF-UNs, click here.

Today's Familiar Face-Unknown Name:

Kevin Corrigan

Where You've Seen Him (high profile): I can't speak for you, but my introduction to Mr. Corrigan was in True Romance, where he played one of the mafioso gunmen that busted into Lee Donowitz's penthouse suite in the film's climax (he's the one that did the DeNiro impersonation: "You talkin'a me? You talkin'a me?"). By then, he was on his way to becoming an indie staple, with featured parts in Living in Oblivion, Slums of Beverly Hills, and Trees Lounge, mixing in some big-budget flicks along the way, such as The Departed and Bad Boys.

Where You've Seen Him (not-so-high profile): he wrote 1997's Kicked in the Head, and has had a number of bit parts in TV shows, dramas, comedies - you name it. He's had small parts in several beloved indies over the years, from Walking and Talking to Henry Fool to Buffalo '66. For several years, he played Donal Logue's brother on the Fox sitcom Grounded for Life, was the hotheaded "Mark" in last year's Superbad, and plays a convenience store clerk in this month's Definitely, Maybe.

Character Specialties: Corrigan is pretty versatile, using his Irish-Puerto Rican looks and Bronx upbringing to portray a number of nationalities on film. He often plays a somewhat spacey, possibly drugged out weirdo/slacker, but has the dramatic chops to play a heavy and the comedic ones to play parts such as "Eliot," Natasha Lyonne's boyfriend (of sorts) in Tamara Jenkins Slums of Beverly Hills. He's often cast as the brother or uncle or cousin, but I guess his father roles are soon to come, as he turns 39 this year.

Little Known Facts: He is a frequent Michael Rappaport conspirator, as they've co-starred in eight projects, according to IMDb (Chain of Fools, Illtown, Kicked in the Head, Kiss of Death, The Pallbearer, Subway Stories: Tales from the Underground, True Romance and Zebrahead.)

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Nick said...

I first saw him on Grounded For Life, so when I saw him in other movies like Superbad and Definitely, Maybe... I was always like "Hey, it's that guy from Grounded For Life!"

Mikey Filmmaker said...

I knew I've seen that guy before. Never knew his name was Kevin though. I guess I'm always learning something new.

Anonymous said...

Eddie is my favorite GFL character.

This actor shares the same birthday
with somebody in my immediate family, but I'm not telling you who it is.