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Apr 5, 2011

Let the March to Box Office Madness begin!

The game is underway! This year, we have 38 players - exactly the same number as last year. Slightly disappointing that it didn't balloon a bit more, but at least it didn't go down. Last year, Justin G. took home a big ol' kitty of prizes. This year, the prize pool looks like this:

* From me, a $25 to AMC theaters (this is already in-hand, so sorry if you win and don't have AMC nearby. Think about re-gifting...),

* From me, Scene It!, the DVD game. I somehow own two of these - you'll get the unopened one. Of course, I might as well give away both - no one will play against me, anyway.

* From me, a brand new t-shirt of insignificant value (I always have random ones about).

I'd really like to sweeten the prize pool, including maybe getting some prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. If you have anything to offer - posters, memorabilia, even gently-used DVDs that others might like, let me know at blogcabins@yahoo.com and I'll inform the gang when I post a scoring update in a bit.

Here's a list of all of the players in this year's contest; for kicks, I've thrown in their picks for the tournament champion:

PlayerTop Film Pick
DylanHarry Potter 7.2
Ryan SHarry Potter 7.2
Olivia DPOTC4
Emily ZHarry Potter 7.2
Justin GTransformers 3
RichHarry Potter 7.2
Fraser THarry Potter 7.2
RedHarry Potter 7.2
CastorHarry Potter 7.2
Nicholas RHarry Potter 7.2
Jen SHarry Potter 7.2
Cody Y.Harry Potter 7.2
DanielCars 2
Sarah SHarry Potter 7.2
Chase KHarry Potter 7.2
Josh LHarry Potter 7.2
Kevyn KPOTC4
FitzHarry Potter 7.2
Scott KHarry Potter 7.2
CSHarry Potter 7.2
JessHarry Potter 7.2
Peter BHarry Potter 7.2
Carl PHarry Potter 7.2
NickHarry Potter 7.2
Sebastian GHarry Potter 7.2
Clara MSuper 8
George AHarry Potter 7.2
Steven CHarry Potter 7.2
Kai PCars 2
BlakeHarry Potter 7.2
AtroxionHarry Potter 7.2
Miso IHarry Potter 7.2
John JHarry Potter 7.2
KanoHarry Potter
Cheryl MPOTC4
Scot NHarry Potter 7.2
Wayne HPOTC4
Dodge This!POTC4

Those champ picks break out as such:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II - 29
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - 5
Cars 2 - 2
Super 8 - 1
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - 1

Finally, I posted this earlier, but just in case, so you know that I'm no cheater, here's my bracket. (Of course, I never take the prizes if I win anyway, so I'm not sure why I do this.)

Good luck to all! Updates to the scoring will be posted periodically over the next few months.

4 people have chosen wisely: on "Let the March to Box Office Madness begin!"

Justin Gott said...

Three things:

1) Transformers 3 has a different subtitle. Not sure what it is though.

2) Surprised I'm the only one who picked that to win it all. . .

3) Like my email subject said. . .


Castor said...

Sorry guys, I have been to the future and I win this.

Rachel said...

Damn it! I filled out my bracket and forgot to send it to you. This is the first time I haven't played.

Fletch said...

@ Justin - 1. Yes, thank you. Rushed through this a bit.

2. Heh heh, kinda looks as though your success in this game will be tied directly to that then, eh? All or nothing for you.

3. Nah - I've been climbing every year, nabbing 2nd last year. That trend shall not stop!

@ Castor - What about your fantasy league? Hop gonna propel you to win that one, too?

@ Rachel - That sucks! Ok, next year, you can administer this thing, too, then you won't be able to forget!

Kidding! Never forget that I appreciate you more than you know.