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Apr 4, 2011

Ladies of the 90s Tournament - Round 1: Sharon Stone (1) vs. Patricia Arquette (8)

Previous results: We've finally had our first real upset (5s beating 4s doesn't count as an upset), as the 6-seeded Elizabeth Hurley took down the monstrous, 3-seeded Charlize Theron to the tune of 18-15. Click here to view the updated full bracket.

Sharon Stone

Comments: She might be nutty and/or insane these days, but was there a hotter actress working in 1991? I say nay. We're lucky Miss Stone didn't give up on her dream - it took her a solid decade before she really was a hit with the public, but when she did, in Total Recall, she made it memorable. She must have made an impression on her Recall director Paul Verhoeven as well, since he cast her as the lead in the real star-making role of her career in Basic Instinct. You could make the argument that it's been all downhill since then, but she had several hits amongst the valleys since then as well, including no less than an Academy Award nomination for Casino.
90s Highlights: Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Casino, The Muse

Patricia Arquette

Comments: A little Alabama goes a long way. Patricia might have once been solely known as Rosanna's younger sister, but her prime role in True Romance opened up several doors for her and helped her make a name for herself. However, the snaggle-toothed one seemed to prefer indie/genre fare to the mainstream, shying away from the limelight until her starring role in Medium came up well into the 2000s.
90s Highlights: True Romance, Flirting with Disaster, Lost Highway

5 people have chosen wisely: on "Ladies of the 90s Tournament - Round 1: Sharon Stone (1) vs. Patricia Arquette (8)"

Jack L said...

I hope Patricia Arquette wins this one, she's great and is in several of my favourite 90's films, like Ed Wood, Bringing Out The Dead and of course True Romance...

blake said...

Had to go with Arquette for her parts in David Lynch films.

Castor said...

I want to vote for the underdog but it's just not fair on most days. The second round and later are going to be really... heated though ahah ;)

Fletch said...

@ Jack - I wouldn't hold out too much hope for Arquette in this one. She was certainly in some interesting films, but I feel she's just plain overmatched here, as should be the case with a 1 vs. 8.

And I voted for Stone, to boot.

@ Blake - See above.

@ Castor - Yeah, these first-round matchups can lack some spice, particularly when it's a high-vs.-low seeded affair. Tomorrow will be a 4-5 matchup, though (I've tried to save several of the tighter ones for the tail-end of the first round), so there's that.

Nick said...

Stone might have the bigger-name films, but I'm still going with Arquette.