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Feb 1, 2011

Just Because: Being John Malkovich

"Therefore, I shall make ye me wife. And I shall build a floor in my building, between the 7th and 8th, which will be scaled down, so from now on there shall be at least one place on God's green Earth that you and your accursed kind can live in peace."

Sidenote: Guess who's playing Captain Mertin right there? I never knew this before, but it's Jeremy Piven's dad, Byrne. So a Piven managed to work his way into another Cusack flick, even if it wasn't Jeremy. Interesting...

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Tom Clift said...

I love every second of Being John Malkovich, but it's probably at it's best in the opening twenty minutes, before the "portal" is even introduced

Fletch said...

No disagreement there. The whole interview scene is probably my favorite, with
this video coming in 2nd.