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Jan 17, 2011

Fletch all over the internets

Two more guest spots for me to share with you...

First up, if you've never listened to Kai Parker's MILFcast, you're doing a disservice to your ears. It's a hell of a fun podcast in which Kai and his trusty sidekick Heather don't do reviews, no, they're just there to talk about films. At the end of the show, they play a game, creatively titled The Game. They'd done 13 shows and had rounded out a decent leaderboard for said game, of which I stood atop of; thus, it was determined that it was time for a Tournament of Champions, one which pitted me against Rachel, Steve, Jason, and the Mad Hatter. I had nowhere to go but down...see how I fared HERE.

Also fun is Nick's vlog. He's made about 20 episodes thus far and is currently in his second season. It started off completely random (to go along with his blog's name), but somewhere around the middle of the first season, he started to make it more episodic, with a story interlaced amongst the randomness. Jason got brought in as a guest star at the end of the first season, and Nick has asked me and several other bloggers to play a part in this season. I had a bit role in the last ep, but in this new one...well, let's just say you'll get to see me do some acting. If you're unfamiliar with the storyline, it might not make too much sense, but Nick gives a recap of prior events at the beginning of each new show post. Check out my Olivier-like acting skills HERE.

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Kaiderman said...

SIDENOTE: If you haven't slept with Kai you're also doing a disservice to your funny bits, ladies! :)

Nick said...

Hey, thanks for the plug!