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Nov 5, 2010

TGITDNMAR (11/5/10)

KV here again, taking a look at the weekend’s new release for good old Irwin:

Due Date

So this one is Galifiniakas latest movie of the 20 flicks he signed on for post-Hangover fame, and playing the straight man in this one is the great Robert Downey, Jr., the plot appears to be a buddy road trip flick, with Zack playing a wacky psycho. It will probably be mildly amuising, but I like the rest of the nation am pretty upset with Gallifin these days for getting up on his high horse and being too pious to work with the great Mel Gibson. Props to Downey for calling out this jerk, and pointing out that Mel had worked with him when he was a drug addict criminal and Hollywood tried to blacklist him. On a scale of Hollywood offenses yelling at your wife is pretty low on the Richter scale, besides obviously that B had it coming.

KV’s chances of seeing in theatre: 10%


Some animated flick with Will Ferrell doing some voices, I’m not really into the whole animated flicks, maybe I’ll catch this one and all those Pixar flicks down the line if I move out to the suburbs, raise rugrats, and live happily ever after…

KV’s chances of seeing in theatre: 0%

Fair Game

This apparently is a remake of the Cindy Crawford/Billy Baldwin classic from the 90s, from what I remember they were running around Russia, blowing up trains or something, I think there was a nude scene or two, which is probably the only reason anyone went to see it. Naomi Watts apparently stars in this one, but its rated PG-13, might want to skip this one…

KV’s chances of seeing in theatre: 0%

For Colored Girls

A bunch of black girls probably do some black stuff in this one, it looks like this one is made by Tyler Perry, so surely he’ll be popping up in drag throughout this sure to be clunker, I’ll probably skip out.

KV’s chances of seeing in theatre: 0%

So looks like a pretty weak crop of movies this weekend, I’ll probably make it out at some point this week, I’m seeing some new girl, I dunno right now though it looks like I’ll be deciding between Jackass or maybe Secreteriat…

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Tangy said...

What is doing "black stuff" mean to you? For that matter what does "white stuff" mean? A film that comes out with a unique and strong black female cast has alot more to offer than just "black stuff"

Nick said...

Uh oh... controversy!

Though really, what a boring title. Tyler Perry's basically just come out and given his target audience (for all his movies) in the title.

Fletch said...

Tangy - "white stuff:" = http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/

KV - I love that your highest percentage here is 10% in what is a better week compared to some of the shitty August weeks of releases and such. For contextual purposes, tell us: how often do you go to the theater anyway? Twice a year?

Anonymous said...

It's true I am not the theatre going champion that irwin is, I think I've only caught about 3 or four movies since summer started, more of a blockbuster guy...

And yeah seriously whats the deal with perry only casting black people in his movies, thats racism, us whiteys are really hurting for roles, I mean how hard would it be to have a couple of extras ion the background sipping some tang...