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Oct 13, 2010

Fletch's Film Review: Toy Story 3

It's been like six months since Toy Story 3 came out. Everyone knows it was great. If you haven't seen it, you either never were going to see it or you are definitely going to, you're just one of those people that never goes to see movies in the theater. Bully for you.

Anyway, whaddaya know, I thought it was pretty good, too. Well, outside of a bizarre, overlong, intensely dark finale. But I also talked about the film at length some months ago during the two-part Pixar LAMBcasts on the subject. So if you want analysis and subtext, go there. For now (it's been waaaaaay too long), it's time to break out the soon-to-be-world-famous Fletch's Stick Figure Synopsis!!!

"It's in the hole!"
"It's in the hole!"
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Rachel said...

Didn't see it, but I'm happy to see your stick figure reviews making a comeback. I love these!

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

The Lots'o Huggin' Bear had to be punished, Fletch. Ain't nothin' dark about that.

Castor said...

Stick figure reviews!! I love it!!!

The Mad Hatter said...

That's the problem with critics like Ebert, Michale Phillips, A.O. Scott and Peter Travers...

...not enough stick figures.

Fletch said...

Sebastian - Gracias!

Rachel - And now you feel as though you've seen it, my synopsis is so complete, right?

Paul - I wasn't even referring to the Lotso part, but yeah, that too.

Castor - :D Me, too! I don't do them all that often - they're an occasional treat.

Hatter - I know, right? Where the hell is their creativity?

Anonymous said...

The film's themes feel a little muddled in places, and Woody's climactic choice never feels like a choice at all, but this movie just plays so well that it doesn't matter. This movie is totally emblematic of the magic of Pixar's animation.

Much love for Stick Figure reviews, too.

M said...

Awesome article on an incredible Pixar film. I am a huge fan of the Toy Story trilogy and I thought that Pixar nailed this one. I was skeptical about how it would do but just like everything that Pixar touches it was golden.

Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Bonjour! Fletch...

I most definitely, plan to watch Toy Story 3 because I have an animation blog that focus on Pixar's animation.
Merci, for sharing!

I love the "Stick Figures"...I'am glad to see that the "Stick Figures" have returned too!


Fitz said...

The monkey was insanely weird looking. And I think by dark ending Fletch was referring to the garbage incinerator scene.

Fletch said...

agcrump - Thanks!

M - I'm getting the feeling that you didn't actually read my "article."

DeeDee - thanks! I hope to have more Stick Fogure Synopses in the near future. Fun to make and read (I hope)!

Fitz - Bingo.