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Sep 20, 2010

Seriously Overdue Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

If you're a fan of movies in general, you should be praying that Edgar Wright's next project is a romantic comedy. You don't even have to like rom-coms - odds are, even if you didn't, you'd like Wright's.

This is what Edgar Wright does, apparently. He takes the tired, cliched conventions (if not genres altogether) of film, turns them on their head, gives them a makeover, holds a mirror up to them - call it whatever you want, he makes them better. I've never cared a lick about zombie movies, but I could watch his Shaun of the Dead over and over. I am a lover of (select) buddy cop movies, but it's hard to argue that they haven't been beaten into the ground after decades of exposure. It's gotten to the point that even Will Ferrell, never seen as subversive as far as I'm concerned, put out a film that attempted to tweak the formula a bit, and ended up being compared to Wright's Hot Fuzz along the way.

Meanwhile, what's the bigger accomplishment for Scott Pilgrim - that it's a fantastic video game movie, or that it single-handedly breathed life into the video game movie genre - if there is one, anyway - despite not being based on a video game whatsoever, but rather a series of comic books? The good news is that the answer doesn't really matter. All that does matter is that Wright continues to wield his fascinating power over the rest of the realm of cinema, managing to wow us with each new project.

He's off to a great start.

Fletch's Film Rating:
"Darn tootin."
"It's in the hole!"
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PS - This poster is just fantastic - I hadn't seen it up close before. Click it to view it full-sized so you can read the tagline:

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Nick said...

Technically speaking, Shaun of the Dead is a Rom Com. Its tagline is even "A Romantic Comedy. With Zombies." And it's known as the first major RomComZom.

Alex said...

loooove thiiiiis moooooovie

Alex said...

Oh also just fyi, we used your Some Cast It Hot psa on the latest episode, so thanks so much again!

Fitz said...

Sad to say I missed this in theatres, but it is coming to campus. Hope I like it as much as you did Fletch.

Fletch said...

Alex - Sweet - can't wait to check it out!

Fitz - It'll be tough seeing it a few months after everyone else, what with all the hype and good things you've heard. But I'm sure you still will.

Anonymous said...

I all ready told you how much I love this film, I just don't know where it ranks on my all time list... I think it might have a shot at top 10? Working on it.
That poster is fucking great!