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Sep 23, 2010

Burning Questions: Zombieland (and probably just about every other zombie movie)

Take a good hard look at the image you see below. I'll give you a second....

Do you see anything wrong with this picture? (Hint: You should.)

The lights are on but nobody's home
Maybe this is like some obvious zombie movie question and my zombie ignorance has kept me from knowing the answer, but the question was one that Mrs. Fletch actually posed whilst we were watching Zombieland:

Why is there electricity in this grocery store, or for that matter, anywhere within the world of Zombieland (or most other zombie flicks)?

We're not given an exact timeframe, but it's safe to assume that it's been at least 4-6 weeks since the zombie outbreak, and at the point in which the movie's events take place, we see less than 10 remaining humans.  Who's running the power plant?  There are probably half a dozen other similar questions to this regarding the world of zombies, but this one is burning the most.

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blakecgriffin said...

Hmmm. I think in a world where the dead come to life you just have to accept that they're not playing by the rules.

Rachel said...

Good point, I never really thought about it before, but because it's not something I focused on due to the nature of the film. I just accept it. However, I did wonder roughly the same thing in The Road, when the father and son were taking a bath at the abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Where did that water come from? And that's a film that tried to ground itself in reality.

Castor said...

Great point. Probably because it's too inconvenient to film a movie in complete darkness ;) At least, I am Legend did a good job of completely shutting down civilization but technically, it's not a zombie movie.

Nick said...

I tried to post a comment earlier, but it didn't post.

There was a show called "Life After People" or something like that. It talked about stuff like this. I didn't watch it, so I don't know the statistics. But I'm pretty sure that power/water length was a pretty decent time.

Fletch said...

blake - I say nay. I want uber-realism in my zombie films, damnit!

Rachel - see, now water I can deal with a bit better, because even if all of the people on the planet died right now except for me, I'm pretty sure there'd be plenty of water in the pipes as is to last me awhile.

Castor - Indeed. And good call on I Am Legend. He used a generator. :D

Nick - Good to know. I need to find out how long. Something about those girls lighting up the amusement park really strikes me as wrong, and the lights were on in that grocery store for months on end - at worst, you'd think the bulbs would burn out...another issue!! ;)

Fitz said...

One of the few things I Am Legend did right (i.e. generator explanation). If only they didn't totally screw the ending.

Univarn said...

My theory is that there's one incredibly dedicated electricity man working in every zombie world bitching about overtime pay and the lack of a relief crew. Just moments after the credits go for the film the cast and crew show up and take him out. Making his entire efforts pointless.

Sad story really, but Hollywood's a bitch.