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Aug 10, 2010

Please settle this debate between Mrs. Fletch and I

Hypothetical: You are Jennifer Aniston. I know, pretty cool, huh? Rich, famous, well-liked, star of many a rotten movie, envied body. However, you got dumped by some guy named Brad a couple years ago.

The question: would you rather have seen Mr. Pitt hook up (like he did) with Angelina or would you prefer that he had shacked up with, say, his old flame from yonder, Ms. Juliette Lewis. In other words, better for him to take a step up or a step down? (I realize you might "rank" Jolie, Aniston, and Lewis differently, but for the sake of this argument, let's just assume that everyone agrees that they are 1, 2, 3 in that order, looks-wise.)

I say: hell yeah I'd rather he be with Jolie. If I'm going to get dumped, I'd much rather it be for someone that's a step up from me rather than a step down. This can only make me look better in comparison. If he's leaving me and it's for someone that is widely considering the best looking/most famous actress in America, that's understandable. Who could really blame him?

Mrs. Fletch says (I'm paraphrasing; she can pipe up if I'm misrepresenting her): Better to see him with someone worse after being with you, as you want him to be miserable. You want him to take a step down.

It's key to remember here that you were the one that was dumped. If I'm the dumper, I'd rather see them take the step down and be with a less attractive model; but if I'm the dumpee, vice-versa.

How say you?

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The Mad Hatter said...

Given how often you've been siding with Lady Hatter lately, I'm prone to take your wife's side of the conversation just out of spite.

Fletch said...

Don't be bitter.

Though...when did I take Lady Hatter's side?

The Mad Hatter said...

I seem to remember a podcast where my guest and my wife went on for a while about the downside of 3-D technology for a good little while.

In all honesty though, I'd be better off with somebody taking the step-down. If that's the case, I know it's about something more than just physical connection (the worst reason to get dumped in my opinion).

Mrs Fletch said...

Our debate has gone viral? This should be interesting.

Alex said...

Well in this particular case I totally don't give a damn because I think Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston are all pretty lame. Juliette Lewis kicks all kind of ass and I'm glad she isn't associated with them anymore.

Anyway speaking in the abstract, it would probably only make me feel worse about myself if I was dumped for a better-looking person. If he goes "a step down", it puts the fault with him, and I'd be able to shallowly look down on them.

Nick said...

Sorry, Mrs. Fletch, but I gotta side with your hubby on this one. If I were dumped and the other person went with somebody that's a step down, I'd be hurt, offended, and take a major drop in self-confidence. It would be like "she dumped me for HIM?"

Mrs. Fletch's argument of "wants him to suffer" doesn't really work in this scenario. In Brad's case, HE left HER for this other person. Even if he chose Juliette Lewis, he wouldn't be suffering. If he chose her, he really likes her and wouldn't see it as a negative.

HOWEVER, if HE were the one that was dumped and all he could get was Lewis after that... that's a bit of suffering.

So yeah, I'm completely with Fletch on this one.

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I agree with Nick. He's not going to be miserable if he dumps Aniston for someone less attractive. Just means Aniston is probably a complete tool and this less attractive girl isn't. Looks aren't everything ya know.

Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Fletch and Mrs.Fletch...
...Mrs. Fletch, I'am in your "corner"
not 99% but, 100%
I feel that no "truer" words were ever..."spoken!"
Merci, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Pinar Tarhan said...

Well, being dumped sucks but yeah, a step up is preferable. However, I don't see Juliette Lewis is a step down- neither from Angelina nor from Jennifer.

But I'd wish his relationship with Angelina would go down in flames. I'd want him to be miserable!! :)

Castor said...

It really depends what you are after. As most people know, Aniston got a tremendous amount of good will after she got dumped by Brad Pitt. Would this have happened had he gone back to Juliette Lewis: probably not. Most people would likely assume that there was something wrong with Aniston for Pitt to "go a step down" rather than stay with her.

Fletch said...

Hatter - Let it never be said that you don't have the memory of an elephant. You are correct - I sided with Lady Hatter that one time.

I shall do my best to remember that you've disagreed with me here, evil Hatter.

Mrs. Fletch - indeed!

Alex - it's interesting - outside of Mr. Hatter up there, this has been entirely divided by gender lines.

If he were to take a step down, though, why would it "put the fault with him?"

Nick - as usual, you are wise.

AnswerMVP - no, looks are not everything. We're being entirely shallow for this hypothetical.

DeeDee - how dare you.

Pinar - welcome to the site! Yes, I would want him to be miserable, too. I can't imagine how annoying it must be for the real Aniston to have Pitt as an ex, but I guess that was a danger when getting into a relationship with him. "Oh, my ex is only one half of the world's most famous couple...."

Castor - Indeed - her inability to have a successful long-term relationship has certainly given Aniston an underdog quality to her that people have no doubt latched on to.

However, I'm more interested in the abstract here; they were just a famous example.

Anonymous said...

nice i like the use of the blog to settle a couple argument... so whose ex upgraded??

Obviously I've never been dumped, and even more obviously even BP himself wouldn't be an upgrade over me (if we're going straight looks, per your rules; he might have a couple more $ than me). If it ever happened though I think I'd prefer her going to someone more uggo than me, that way we could hang out and I wouldn't be threatened, plus she'd probably have a secret thing for me, it would just make everything more comfortable. Plus how could she find someone better looking than me, that would just freak me out, I mean we aren't in ZooLander-world...


Fletch said...

KV - haha, there was no upgrading. I really don't remember how this came about (probably talking about some friends or something), but it was a friendly debate.

Figures you'd side with the women, though. Oh!

Rachel said...

I'm with Mrs. Fletch and I speak from experience.

Peter Eramo said...

I'd have to go with Jolie here too. Ms. Lewis always looks likes she needs to bathe. It's not even a look thing for me. Who likes when their man/woman gets back together with their old flame...that cut hurts deeper in my opinion....Jolie is the lesser of two evils here.