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Aug 18, 2010

MILFcast, Episode 4 (guest podspot)

Though I'm still waiting for a few to come calling, I continued my World Podcasting Tour recently with a turn on the grand old MILFcast, Kai's kickass new podcast where he drinks beer and spouts off about movies he doesn't kinda sorta like, but LOVES. I joined him for beers and discussions of:

* What we’ve been watching
* Some seriously overrated classics
* Some Movie news
* A 2nd super secret discussion
* And we both play THE GAME!!!

Should you ever get the invite from the man to appear on his show, you most definitely better take him up on it. Good times.

You can find MILFcast on podOmatic by clicking here. You can also subscribe or download for free on iTunes. Please drop a comment on the ep here or send me an e-mail to Kai (he really wants one) to kai_parker @yahoo.com

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Kaiderman said...

This post is sweeter than the one I put up. You, sir, are very kind and tons of fun. Thanks for appearing and, apparently, causing some contraversy!!! ha

Fletch said...

My pleasure.

Ha! Indeed. Can't wait for my appearance on the tournament of champeens - speaking of which, WTF? Not one comment has mentioned either performance on The Game.