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Aug 28, 2010

Comment of the Week (8/21 - 8/28)

The winner of the Chong Li Memorial Comment of the Week is...

I was really tempted to make this a group award to the seemingly hundreds of spam comments from our friends in China that squeaked through Blogger's new Comment system, but in the end I just couldn't. (Sidenote: either the system is finally getting better or my lockdown - comment moderation on posts more than 3 days old, word verifcation - has worked. Fear not, potential commenters.) So, the winner is Rachel, with the following post in response to my exorcism query from yesterday's TGITDNMAR:

"...the subject being possessed is always a female.

Of course! We women are weaker, dumber creatures who easily give in to the Devil. There's probably even science to back it up somewhere.

Just look at Eve and how easily the Devil tempted her with an apple. He realized how gullible she was and targeted only ladies after that, knowing if he wanted to bring evil into the world, that was the simplest way to do it.

Or Hollywood is full of sexist pigs."

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Rachel said...

Sweet! I always knew being snarky would get me far in life.

Sebastian Gutierrez said...

Hey now! I'd easily make the case for men being the inferior sex! Men, in my highly esteemed and credible (ha) opinion, are far dumber than women! If women ruled the world, we'd actually get shit done!

So, the Devil clearly has something resembling taste, and therefore, wants nothing to do with our smelly, flea ridden frames and would rather spend his time cavorting with a lovely female!

Or Hollywood is full of sexist pigs!

stuarto said...

"Hollywood is full of sexist pigs." All those hours in film history are suddenly coming through the fog that surrounds my Sophomore year.

Have to love those spammers, by the way. They make for such daily fun!