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May 31, 2010

The last of the May guest podspots

In what was a busy month of podcasting shenanigans, I joined Steve and Brian (aka The Film Cynics) for the full hour of their Victoria, B.C.-based radio show (and LAMMY-nominated podcast), and it was a jam-packed 60 minutes, with a few minutes spent on some departed celebs to TV finale talk to a review of 44 Inch Chest and more.

Check out the full details posted here. Many thanks to the guys for having me on again.

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The Film Cynics said...

Thanks for being a great guest and for not pulling any punches when it came to reviewing 44 Inch Chest. Hey, you created your own rating based on our system - pure genius! You are welcome back anytime!

Fletch said...

My absolute pleasure, especially the not pulling punches part. I could trash that movie all day! ;)

I can't wait to hear one of you give something a Super Coaster in the near future. Of course, that means I'm wishing an awful movie on you, but I think it'd be worth it.

The Film Cynics said...

The worse it is, the more people like hearing about it... I'll have to set my sights on total crap to give myself a chance to try it out.