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Apr 13, 2010

Tuesday's Things to Click On (4/13/10)

Another week, another programming note: I'm changing up the format I've been using for these Tuesday's Things... post these last few weeks. Starting this week, these posts will consist solely of, you know, the things to click on, and the other parts (non-theatrical first-time movie watching, music obsessions, and book reading statuses) will be moved to Wednesday's and deemed The State of the Union or some other, better title that I think of in the next 24 hours. So, here's some of them clickable things:

* Did you know that I've joined the Twittiverse? Well, you should, since I've had some widget in the sidebar for a couple weeks now. But in case you didn't notice (jerk), go here and follow me and if I like you I will probably do the same.

* Want more shameless plugs? I got 'em. Well, this one ain't so shameless, actually. I guested on the vaunted Matineecast this past weekend and talked Dragon Training and Desert Island DVDs with the Mad Hatter. I also schooled him on the proper way to speak Canadian. He was impressed...and rattled. Mission Accomplished! If you're not already a listener to his cast, then I don't know what's wrong with you - it's not like I haven't recommend it enough.

* It still needs some work, and with any young database like this (same with iCheck Movies), it will take time for it to be more complete, but the folks at Jinni have something pretty damned cool on their hands. By tagging movies with things like moods, time periods, places, and (coolest of all) plots (for example: "fish out of water" or "coming of age"), they've made a search engine, specifically for movies, that goes into the next dimension. A) Check it out, and B) No, I was not paid to endorse this. But maybe I will be eventually. ;)

* Darren at the m0vie blog took Andy's Desert Island DVDs blog-a-thon and went and somehow made it even better, doing some no-fun legwork and compiling all of the picks into a massive spreadsheet and compiling some other stats/interesting notes. Frickin' sweet! Only grumble? My post wasn't live at whatever time AM British time, so my picks have yet to be added.

* He Shot Cyrus might have forgotten to include the LAMBcast in his list of favorite podcasts (an oversight, I'm sure), but he did remember to participate in the Director's Chair blog-a-thon for Kathryn Bigelow. Sure, he was a couple weeks late, but it was worth it, as he hit us with another one of his Posters by Director breakdowns - always fun.

* Finally, Fitz of Nevermind Popular Film shares with you a link to watch the Academy Award winner for Best Animated Short Film, Logorama. It's worth a watch (at least for the first few minutes), but I'd much rather be able to watch (and download) Instead of Abracadabra, which was my favorite of all of last year's nominated shorts by far.

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Darren said...

No worries, Fletch, I'll be revising it over the weekend to include those blogs who missed the cut the first time round.

Thanks for the plug!

Fletch said...

Muchas gracias, Darren. And you're welcome!

Darren said...

That revised version is up now, woot!

Fitz said...

My apologies for not thanking you for the shout-out Fletch.