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Apr 8, 2010

March to Box Office Madness update

The game is underway! This year, we have 38 players, up slightly from the 34 we had last year, but the prizes - vastly improved! Last year, Wayne of Reel Whore took home a DVD of his choosing from Amazon as well as a t-shirt. This year, the prize pool is deep, and will shake out as such:

First place:
* From Rachel of Rachel's Reel Reviews, a $25 gift certificate to a large movie theater chain (one in the area of the winner),

* From Joshua of The Discordic Adventures of Fnord, a set of five DVDs, including A Nightmare on Elm Street (Limited Special), My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and Revolver.

Second Place:
* From me, the standard DVD of your choosing (up to $19.99) from Amazon,

* From Wayne, a set of two DVDs, Transformers and Spider-Man 3. As Wayne stated, "Both of those should be appropriate since they are summer box office breakers."

Third Place:
* From This Guy of This Guy Over Here, "If I finish my eBook by then, I'll be happy to throw that in the pool of prizes... value will be $4.99 haha... but that's a big IF,"

* From me, a brand new t-shirt of insignificant value.

Here's a list of all of the players in this year's contest; for kicks, I've thrown in their picks for the tournament champion:

PlayerTop Film Pick
Mike M.Eclipse
JessIron Man 2
T.L. buggToy Story 3
Aiden R.Eclipse
Scott K.Eclipse
Joshua R.Toy Story 3
This Guy Over HereIron Man 2
Luke T.Iron Man 2
FitzIron Man 2
Justin G.Toy Story 3
JacksSmirkingRevengeIron Man 2
Michaël P.Iron Man 2
Travis M.Eclipse
Sebastian G.Iron Man 2
KeithToy Story 3
RubenIron Man 2
DanielIron Man 2
NickIron Man 2
Jason S.Eclipse
ClarabelaIron Man 2
Andy H.Toy Story 3
Neil A.Toy Story 3
R.D. P.Eclipse
DylanToy Story 3
Kid VegasIron Man 2
Linda S.Iron Man 2
Matt N.Iron Man 2
VancetasticShrek Forever After
Andrew K.Eclipse
John B. Iron Man 2
Alex S.Iron Man 2
JoaquinIron Man 2
Scot N.Iron Man 2
Lindsay S.Iron Man 2
Dodge This!Iron Man 2
Wayne H. - 2009 ChampIron Man 2

Those champ picks break out as such:
Iron Man 2 - 21
Eclipse - 8
Toy Story 3 - 7
Inception - 1
Shrek Forever After - 1

Finally, I posted this earlier, but just in case, so you know that I'm no cheater, here's my bracket.

Good luck to all, and extra special thanks to all those contributing to the prize pool! Makes it a lot more fun with a larger pool and more winners. Updates to the scoring will be posted periodically over the next few months.

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Fnord said...

I'm uber-excited about this competition and hope my prizes go to some lucky winner! (I personally hope I don't win my own prize... I need first!)


Fletch said...

Good outlook, Fnord. I could go for having Bill & Ted on DVD, so 2nd wouldn't be all that bad for me...