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Apr 12, 2010

Lost – Desmondo Episode (finally!!!)

So halfway through their final season they finally give some screen time to their best character. As is usually the case with Desmondo, his episode was not cutaways but a continuous story, this time taking place in the “flash-sideways.” Sure, we were all happy just to see Desmond, and having their best character back in the mix gives us hope this season can be salvaged, but nevertheless this was a pretty underwhelming episode - the “flash-sideways” world still seems pretty pointless and boring and nothing really happened. Although with Faraday’s theories and Charles Widmores antics, we have an inkling where they are going with the alternate reality. Still not worth dragging out an entire season on that plot but whatever. Here are my usual batch of points:

- Obviously Chuck Widmore plans on using Desmond as some kind of secret weapon combined with some pockets of electromagnetic energy to try to take out Locke. At least Dez will be around for the rest of the season...

- I was a little surprised that Dez’s powers didn’t let him remember everything that had happened in the alternate reality, I guess after he touched Penny he started getting flashes, but heck that was even happening to Faraday after he saw Charlotte, and Charlie was getting flashes after his near death experience. What happened to Dez’s superpowers??

- What’s the deal with the flashsideways running side-by-side in different years, its 2007 or so in the original timeline and 2004 in the flash-sideways. I get that it’s just for convenience, but if they’re using Back to the Future as their model, Marty’s alternate universe was still in 1985. His two realities didn’t run inconsistently after Biff split the timeline with his sports almanac.

- I was a little disappointed that the alternate reality Chuck Widmore wasn’t pulling any of his trademark douche moves. C'mon he’s still the same old douche - this is the guy that slit his Other buddies neck back in the 50s when Team Sawyer captured him. It’s not like something after the “the Incident” turned him into a douche. Also it was pretty predictable that Dez would be working for Widmore, but still humourous.

- The random supercoincidental annoying cameo this week was by George, the ship captain that died from traveling through time in the Constant. In this reality apparently he is a limo driver, it took me a second to place him also.

- I’m on board with Eloise Hawking/Widmore knowing everything that is going on, let’s not forget she was the one who helped Jackie get a hold of the H-bomb after she killed her son. She knows she’s living in an alternate reality, and let’s not forget she still has Daniel’s journal, so she knows of Desmondo’s powers. Obviously, she would be frightened of him doing some of his tricks and somehow causing Dan’s death again.

- Of course they have to make it ambigious at the end with both the 2007 original Dez and 2004 alternate Dez acting a little odd, did these two switch places, did they become aware of each other, are they just so much cooler than everyone else that it only appeared they were acting odd? We don’t know, also with evil Sayid possibly abducting Dez, it might be interesting to see an intro to Locke. It would be awesome if Locke just turned smokey as soon as he saw Dez, and then they fought it out with Dez fending him off with some new electromagnetic powers.

- Either way we’ll probably have to wait a few weeks to see Dez. Next week, we’re back on the other side of the Island, with what appears to be a Hurley episode. One of the only good things about that Sun/Jin episode is that the double episode allowed them to still show what was happening on both sides of the Island. This stopping one plot to show another every week gets a bit grating - maybe the two groups will finally unite soon. At least they haven’t shown us what is happening on the far side of the Island where the Rose and Bernard retirement house is… though, knowing the producers, I wouldn’t put it past them to burn an episode on old people sex, Rose and Bernie’s awful acting, and alternate reality dentistry and cancer. It would be nice to see Vincent again though. Speaking of Vincent, I guess one of the perks of running the alternate reality in 2004 is they can’t have a ten year old Walt involved in the plot, since the actor is like 30 in real life now…

Until next week…

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Rachel said...

they can’t have a ten year old Walt involved in the plot, since the actor is like 30 in real life now

Ha, ha! I noticed how Walt and Michael were "conveniently" missing from the flash-sideways plot. Maybe in an alternate reality Walt was never born...that'd be nice.

Nick said...

I'm pretty sure Michael is gonna be in Hurley's episode this week, so we'll see what's up with Walt. And I love Hurley episodes.

I'm honestly shocked you thought this episode was underwhelming. I actually thought it was one of the best episodes of the series in general.

And I'm pretty sure Desmond does know what happened in the alternate reality and I don't think the ending was really all that ambiguous.

Rachel said...

Nick, I could be wrong, but when I saw the previews for this weeks episode, I thought Hurley was talking to Michael on the island, which means he's probably talking to a ghost Michael in 2007 instead of any of kind of flash-sideways.

Fletch said...

Nick - I, too, was shocked that KV didn't dig this ep, as I also thought it was amongst the series' best. Can't please 'em all, I suppose.

I would die laughing if the producers threw a Rose/Bernie ep in amongst the last few; the internets would be in an even bigger uproar than they were over Paolo/Nicki.

I chose the pic of a shirtless Dez just for our boy Kid Vegas' crush on him. :D

kid vegas said...

The episode was solid, but with the lofty standards set by "the Constant" and "Flashes Before your Eyes" I was kind of expecting another all timer. Instead it was mostly just Dez wandering around the alternate reality (which I'm already on the record as finding annoying) and Charlie doing psycho-Charlie things. Still in the top 10th percentile for episodes, but nowehre near the other Dez eps.

And agreed Dez does pretty dreamy in that picture.