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Apr 20, 2010

Ladies of the 80s Tournament - Round 2: Jamie Lee Curtis (1) vs Jennifer Connelly (4)

Previous results: The Colts edged by the Jaguars, 21-14. It was a close one for awhile, but Mia Sara got a solid win against the potential Cinderella Jami Gertz, 21-14. Click here to view the updated full bracket.

Jamie Lee Curtis

80s Highlights: Trading Places, Halloween II, Perfect, A Fish Called Wanda, Blue Steel

Jennifer Connelly

80s Highlights: Labyrinth, Phenomena

10 people have chosen wisely: on "Ladies of the 80s Tournament - Round 2: Jamie Lee Curtis (1) vs Jennifer Connelly (4)"

Univarn said...

I love Jennifer Connolly but the 80's resumes don't compare, Curtis has several pristine classics.

elgringo said...

Wait a minute! I just looked at the current results...
Vanity beat Ally Sheedy?

simoncolumb said...

its the picture of jamie lee-curtis that is getting my vote.


Fletch said...

Univarn summed it up best. This ain't a 90s and beyond contest - it's 80s, and Curtis pwns Connelly for the 80s.

elgringo - yup, Vanity edged Sheedy 15-12. Looks saved the day there.

simon - it's a great pic, but a better scene all-around. :D

The Movie Mistress said...

Don't know if you've done this already, but I'm going to tag you for this meme:



TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I just tied it by voting for Curtis. Sorry Connelly, I'd vote for you in the 90's and now, but you don't compare to Curtis in the 80's.

Onanist said...

It has always been my belief that although they are both gorgeous and dream inducing, JLC had bigger things in front of her!

The Floating Red Couch said...

there is no pwn'age going on. Connelly was a babe throughout the 80's. besides *in husked tones* jamie lee is a doood--i learned about it in college sex ed class---she's xxy

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I demand a recount, I think some people voted twice, which is possible if you vote at work (or school) then at home. I refrain from doing that personally, but as much as I like Connelly this is wrong. And if she wins the whole thing it will really be wrong.